NEO recently launched NEO3 TestNet. This will enable the developer communities to rest and explore NEO3 upgrades every time.

NEO Price Analysis:

Yesterday, the price of NEO was initially seen at the lowest point of $9.12 at 01:31 UTC. The value from then escalated by 8.27% at 21:15 UTC and the trading price changed to $9.87. A slight drop of 3.58% was seen at 23:58 UTC, yesterday when NEO was exchanging at $9.52. The value from then has increased by 2.67% as of now.

NEO is playing around the Pivot Point. So, analyzing the trade scenario might be an ideal solution for some more time. The resistance and support levels are calculated as follows:

Resistance Levels:

R1: $9.9, R2: $10.23, R3: $10.63

Support Levels:

S1: $9.17, S2: $8.77, S3: $8.44


NEO has been a popular currency for many followers and investors now. Considering the trade as of now, the short-term investment will be eligible to fetch returns. However, one might have to keep a keen watch on the lowest and highest point in the chart.

Long-term investment, however, might not fetch enough gains when compared to the short-term trade. So, one might have to hold on to their positions until the time strong bullish trend is manifested.