Neo Global Development Announces GhostMarket as a New Partner

GhostMarket is a cross-chain NFT marketplace admitted into the Neo N3 Early Adoption Program by Neo Global Development.

NGD has committed $10 million as a part of its Early Adoption Program, through which the organization needs to develop a holistic blockchain platform suitable to develop applications of all kinds. The main emphasis of this early adoption program is to priorities support for the projects in the category of DeFi, NFTs, and allied Neo Oracle domain. The target segments also include the layer 2 protocols, decentralized autonomous organizations, and issues related to the scalability and privacy of the networks. 

GhostMarket, on the other hand, has proven its utility by offering users the facility of buying and selling NFTs in large quantities across cryptocurrency wallets. The users can participate in one of the following ways during the auction process: Dutch, Classic, and Reserve. A minting of NFT on GhostMarket will lead to the baking of royalty in the form of a smart contract. This creation of the smart contract, in turn, makes sure that every subsequent sale of NFTs will result in revenue for the NFT creator. 

Another exceptional differentiation that sets GhostMarket apart from others is its ability to carry over the royalties across the blockchain platforms. This is applicable even when a particular NFT is sold through another marketplace. GhostMarket views the Early Adoption Program as a logical move in both fostering their progress within the Neo ecosystem and enabling them to offer more to the ecosystem.GhostMarket intends to enhance its social features, including the option to follow and like profiles. The team also intends to implement NFT chain swaps from and to Neo N3. Other initiatives include developing single-click deployment for users’ own NEP-11 contracts and significantly streamlining NFT sales for creators by allowing them to execute customized NFT sales in just a few clicks.

This latest collaboration will definitely help both companies to realize new avenues of growth and profitability in the future. GhostMarket is already in the process of rolling out different applications within the third-party integrations. This will allow users to have their listings on the GhostMarket and then earn royalties and rewards.

Scott Cook

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