NEO Hopeful To Widen Its Adoption As It Gets Support On

The push towards the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies has reached its critical stage with many organizations pushing the crypto agenda in their own respective manners. While some are involved in spreading the awareness about digital coins, others are pushing the adoption more realistically. Specifically, the role of crypto exchanges and mobile wallets have sprung into the prominence as these have emerged as the most influential tools for helping spread the crypto adoption among prospective users. and its influence

One such influential platform is, which has been involved in the sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies and their conversion into fiat currencies for quite some time now. The platform has a long list of cryptocurrencies it supports in terms of transfer and exchange, and now it has announced the addition of NEO cryptocurrency to its existing list of supported cryptocurrencies. This inclusion also means that NEO gets the support of the “MCO Visa” card which will convert NEO into fiat currency instantly and can be used all over the places where the visa card is accepted for the payment.

In the month of June last year, Monaco was rebranded as, and since then, the company has made significant leaps in term of growth and customer acquisitions. It has gone on to enlarge the portfolio of its services, and some of the significant conveniences that you can enjoy now on the include cryptocurrency exchange into fiat currency, trading services, collateral loan facilities on digital coins, and a range of financial solutions involving fiat and crypto for various businesses and merchants. Just so you know the MCO Visa Card has a service agreement with Metropolitan Commercial Bank in New York. Some of the other cryptocurrencies which have got the support on the include Bitcoin, Ethereum, PAXOS, MCO, and CRO.

Official Response

Reacting on the news of NEO’s inclusion on platform, the founder of the cryptocurrency Da Hongfei expressed pleasure and said that the organization is looking forward to work with to take this collaboration further and make it more fruitful for both stakeholders. This collaboration is definitely going to expand the adoption of NEO and make it easy for its users to buy, exchange, and transact the digital coin without any kind of inconvenience. In terms of a larger picture also, this step is going to boost the overall adoption of cryptocurrencies and motivate people to come forward and take a plunge into the crypto world.

NEO is the culmination of the efforts made to synthesize a structure which has the notion of “smart economy” at its heart. It is a blockchain-based open source platform that utilizes technologies like smart contracts digital assets to automate the management of digital assets. The most significant benefit of having NEO on is the fact that anyone can now buy NEO at its real-time cost without paying any extra charges or fees for the transaction. Do read our NEO price prediction post to know the future benefits of investing in the coin.

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