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NEO Price Analysis: NEO Price Reflects Bitcoin’s Recent Pullback

  • NEO slowly moves up today after yesterday’s heavy pullback
  • The price level near $11.14 is expected to act as strong support, as the coin is currently correcting up

Since 10:46 UTC Yesterday, NEO has slipped into a bearish zone against U.S.Dollar. It is today when the coin has again started to head upwards, however, it is yet to cross $12 price mark.

After soaring to $12.22, NEO price had traced a steady slump till 21:35 UTC yesterday. At the mentioned time, the coin saw decent support at $11.14 after witnessing a hefty drop of 8.88%. The coin since then has been tracing a mildly bullish price path as the coin has corrected up from there.

At 09:45:06 UTC, NEO was trading at $11.40 noting a decrease of 5.62% over the last 24 hours.

NEO/USD Price Chart

Neo price chart
Neo price chart

NEO, at present, is carrying a selling pressure as the coin is proceeding with a bearish impact, and also the influential crypto i.e. Bitcoin has also returned back to its price range near $11600. NEO is 20.22% lower than its 50-day SMA of $14.29. 

NEO Price Prediction & Technical Indicators:

MACD chart for the coin is moderately volatile and is in bullish zone currently. RSI for the coin is just below 50, showing no extremities. NEO may see resistance at $12.27 and support at $10.78.


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