NEO Price Analysis: NEO Price Up By 0.33%; Can It Reach $11.44?

NEO started off yesterday at an opening price of $12.08, and it managed to reach $11.86. Despite the fall, it rose upwards and touched $12.216 at 07:06 UTC. Post that the coin has started to show a gradual decline with prices falling at the same pace. It fell as low as $11.105 at 21:38 UTC yesterday. It has managed to bounce back a bit with prices touching $11.393 today. However, NEO is able to maintain its performance and efficiency at this level.

Current Statistics of NEO:

  • Market Cap of NEO coin was $807,857,655.
  • NEO price is trading at $11.39.
  • 24-hour volume is $289,890,744
  • 70,538,831 NEO coins remain to be traded in the market.
  • ROI of the coin stands at 6,210.05%.

Let us look at the NEO to USD price comparison since yesterday:

NEO Price Prediction
NEO Price Chart by TradingView

If we compare the NEO price since its highest value, which was $12.21 yesterday at 07:06 UTC and today’s prices the coin is at present reflecting a bearish run by 6%. However, having mentioned that we still believe that NEO has got the great potential to bounce back and it will manage to rise upwards after about a few days.

NEO Price Prediction & Conclusion:


The MACD indicator points out that the present movement of the coin is the bullish one. Even if the price of the NEO coin falls, it will eventually manage to bounce back as it has proved in the past as well. The number of coins being traded has been oversold a couple of times since yesterday, however now the number seems to be stable as per the RSI indicator. Trading from long term basis on the coin may prove to be a profitable one as the coin might reach up to $25 by the end of the year if it manages to maintain its performance levels. Click here to get an in-depth analysis of experts regarding the future predictions of the NEO coin.

Roxanne Williams

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