NEO Price Analysis: WOW! NEO Price Surges Fantastically!

On July 6th, NEO Research is going to host a free workshop focused upon NEO development, blockchain interaction and also about NeoVM. The workshop will be conducted in Sao Paulo in Brazil. The workshop is aimed to bring better visibility and users on the platform. NEO has been updating their users about every small to hip updates which are already improving the loyalty and confidence of users on NEO.

Price Analysis of NEO on 23rd June 2019:

At 08:24 UCT, NEO is trading at $18.03 Following are other major factors contributing to NEO price and its position in the market:

Neo Price Chart - 23 June
Neo Price Chart
  • Return of Investment: more than 9000%
  • Total supply/Circulating Supply: 100,000,000 NEO/ 70,538,831 NEO
  • Market Cap Value: 1,262,548,492 USD
  • 24 Hour Volume: 1,126,173,154 USD
  • 7 Day high/low: 18.76 USD/ 13.24 USD
  • Market Ranking: 18

NEO Price Comparison:

Oh WOW! It’s just in 24 hours that the value of NEO is surprising investors and traders already. On 22nd June, the midnight started with a trading value of $14.14. It was a shiny day when NEO suddenly hit $19.05 by 13:21 UTC time the same day, which is an increase of 34% in just a few hours.

The value now is trading near to the highest of yesterday. The current value has increased by 27.5% from then and dropped by 5.3% from the highest of the said time frame.

NEO Price Prediction and Conclusion:

The time is not far when NEO will reach $25 soon. The resistance level and support level is calculated between $14.36 and $13.39 respectively. In the recent NEO price forecast, the coin is predicted to cross the highest of yesterday very soon and even surge beyond the same. Traders must analyze the value of NEO every second because it can take a hike any second or minute.

Roxanne Williams

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