NeoBenk’s Global Partners Program Offers Financial Services

Hailed as one of the most trusted global digital payment service providing entities, NeoBenk has announced the launch of its highly-anticipated product, the Global Partners Program, on November 20 for the digital asset customers. The newly launched project has been curated to expand the cluster of digital assets supporters by encouraging the mass adoption of the asset class in the domain. The NeoBenk team released an official Twitter post to circulate the launch news stating:

According to the post, the Global Partners Program will provide seamless access to a wide spectrum of financial services, products, and simple infrastructure that will suit the investors’ demands. The main features of the program shall include:

  • NeoBenk has affirmed that the team will distribute rewards worth a whopping $1 Million (Rs750 Lakh) to mark the event’s launch.
  • An investor who will be becoming a part of the NeoBenk network till November 20, 2020, will be eligible for the reward distribution.
  • The investment arm of NeoBenk, NeoBenk Ventures, recently confirmed to invest nearly $10 Million or 7.5 Crore INR in Indian startup firms dealing in digital payments.

NeoBenk strives to overcome the problems triggered by the ongoing COVID-19 financial crisis. The firm is working to explore the new opportunities arriving in the evolving market by entering into a partnership with new firms. The company officials are confident that the Global Partners Program can boost the adoption rate of digital assets in the industry. It will encourage the promotion of innovative financial services for the customers that can help open new geographical doors.

The entry in the NeoBenk Global Partners Program is free. It will focus on currency exchanges, banks, financial entities, money service providers, etc. and will expand revenues and market share of the partners. The partners of the program will get a good commission for every transaction incurred along with seamless access to revolutionary tools and support channels. The firm will offer expert training and advice benefits to the new and old partners in the firm of a NeoBenk Expert.

NeoBenk is a high-tech financial service provider that provides a plethora of services to the customers, such as business accounts, P2P payments, Line of credit, digital asset trading, personal accounts offering big interests, etc. The firm allows users to send, receive, trade, spend, and save money and assets securely at their will.

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