Nervos Collaborates with SunDaeSwap for Cross-Chain Fungibility

SundaeSwap Labs has partnered with Nervos Network for increasing liquidity on Cardano. SundaeSwap is the leading decentralized exchange protocol on the Cardano blockchain network. One of the essential parts of this strategic collaboration will comprise the Nervos Force Bridge, which will be launched soon. Consequently, Nervos will be able to lend its bridge to SundaeSwap for drawing extra liquidity.

Kevin Wang, the co-creator of Nervos Network, asserted that Cardano has had a long history of collaborating with Nervos, ever since the inception of the UTXO Alliance. They went on to partner in the construction of the first Nervos bridge that connects to Cardano. The imminent collaboration with SundaeSwap implies that it will be another promising journey for both Nervos and Cardano. 

Mateen Motavaf, the Chief Executive Officer at SundaeSwap Labs, echoed the enthusiasm of Wang. He said that the planned collaboration with Nervos is a thrilling one, and their infrastructure as a decentralized crypto exchange will boost the Cardano ecosystem due to the blockchain solutions SundaeSwap will provide. Such solutions will also help Cardano in furthering its mission of interconnectivity with other blockchain networks. This will be among the privileged few projects in the initial batch that will further Cardano’s goal by working on the Nervos cross-chain bridge.

Kevin Wang further informed that the collaboration with SundaeSwap will strengthen Nervos’s interoperability since they will be demonstrating Force Bridge’s potential to smoothly link with the Ethereum blockchain network, followed by Cardano. 

If this partnership proves to be fruitful, it will boost the cross-chain connectivity between Nervos and Cardano. Only a select few Cardano projects other than SundaeSwap have been able to utilize the technology of Force Bridge to pool in cross-chain fungibility. No wonder, SundaeSwap is highly sought after as an economically empowering DeFi platform accessible to everyone.

Trevor Holman

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