Nervos Network Unveils Its 2020 Roadmap

Having established itself as a premier platform offering a suite of protocols and public blockchain networks to aid the crypto community, the Nervos Network has now released its strategically designed roadmap for the approaching year 2020.

Talking about 2019, the year had been worth-remembering for Nervos Network as it was studded with an array of remarkable achievements in its credit. The platform launched its highly anticipated CKB mainnet Lina successfully at the scheduled time without any roadblocks. CKB works as a Proof of Work blockchain network infused with an efficient consensus mechanism, virtual machine, a hashing function, programming, and economic model.

The Nervos community takes pride in delivering the best services to its clients and is adamant about living by its core principles in 2020 as well. The group will lay emphasis on achieving excellent targets in the key areas of development, research, and community.

The Development Targets

Nervos will strive to enhance the operability capabilities of the CKB protocol along with a special focus on two off-chain domains: developer experience and layer 2. The team will offer better programming language solutions for smart contracts as well as improved Remote Procedure Call or RPC and advanced Software development kits.

The key highlights in the field of development to be achieved by Nervos include:

  • By adopting a Muta Framework, the platform will aid people in creating their own blockchain solution via CKB’s excellent attributes.
  • The Neuron wallet will allow users to enjoy the Nervos features at convenience.
  • Paving the way for the adoption of user-defined token standards which will ensure that all the tokens on the CKB network are a first-class asset.
  • The users will be able to write smart contracts in a language of their choice made from the wide range offerings.
  • Optimizing the CKB- Virtual Machine system by enhancing its performance rate and making it more user-friendly.
  • The CKB Explorer will help to boost the data and analytics operating on the Nervos network.
  • Use of Light Client Protocol, which will help in the self-authentication of mobile wallets, websites, etc. without the participation of a third party.

The Research Targets

Nervos aims to target its research operations on three domains: channels, chain-based protocols, and zero-knowledge proofs-based (zkp) protocols.

  • The ZKP-based protocols will infuse the implementation of protocols that will help in securing the privacy for the Nervos network.
  • To make Nervos a leader in the post-quantum arena, Nervos will focus on Post-Quantum Signatures.
  • The firm will lay emphasis on advanced digital signature feature offering multi-party custody, functionality, privacy-security, etc.
  • Nervos will highlight the lucrative advantages of its consensus algorythm- NC-Max

The Developer Community Targets

The Nervos Network will lay stress upon the following initiatives in 2020:

  • The launch of the Grants Program will provide support to the developers from different parts of the world to put in their efforts for the evolvement of Nervos.
  • The team aims to bring onboard the excellent solutions of various blockchain ecosystems via its Regional Community Lead Program.
  • Documentation will help to access Nervos Ecosystem in the most convenient manner.

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