Nestree Messenger Partners With IBM to Enhance Network Operations

Nestree, the renowned reward-based messenger platform, has announced its strategic collaboration with IBM. The integration between the two globally acclaimed firms is likely to open doors to new technological developments and innovations in the present cryptocurrency arena. IBM has been a constant supporter of blockchain technology and has served as a catalyst in an array of potential projects supporting blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

According to the official announcement, Nestree and IBM will join hands to lay special emphasis on the development of an array of areas such as payment, blockchain infrastructure, and other domains. The Nestree Messenger team aspires to give a stiff competition to the leading players of the crypto industry by bestowing its customers with an unmatchable user interface. Launched in 2019, Nestree has managed to earn the trust and assurance of a strong global client base, which constitutes of over 100,000 users.

Nestree aims to employ the trustless, seamless, and borderless attributes of the notable blockchain technology to help the customers earn lucrative rewards. It offers a decentralized wallet solution for mainnets and token transfer in the chat interface. The user-friendly interface adopted by the messenger platform renders novice users to access and get exposed to a new mechanism of earning cryptocurrency rewards without having the requirement to bear the knowledge of crypto trading, KYC requirements, private key management, etc. Its primary aim is to carve out an ecosystem where business and individual communities survive and expand simultaneously with each other’s support and sharing of blockchain technology.

Ever since its inception, Nestree had constantly been striving to strengthen its position in the marketspace. Last year, the firm collaborated with South Korea’s leading Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) provider firm, Luniverse. The partnership was aimed to speed up the process of token transfer and reduce the transaction fee charges on the messenger network.

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