Netherlords Partners With Ludena Protocol to Reach New Users

Ludena Protocol recently announced a strategic partnership with Netherlords. The collaboration will see Netherlords gaining exposure in Asia Pacific and Korea.

The Web3 MMORPG Netherlords is ready to be added to Gametalktalk dApp, Ludena’s Social GameFi platform. With over 3.5 million downloads, the dApp holds an unmatched presence, especially in APAC and Korea.

Besides accessing the MMORPG, players can join new events to win prizes. Netherlords is set to conduct competitions during Sep-Oct with the help of the Ludena Protocol. The partnership will help Web3 gaming make giant strides to become a sustainable model.

With the recent collaboration, players can enjoy perks like:-

  • Getting Netherlords on Gametalktalk
  • Accessibility, pin game feature
  • Art contests
  • Game tournaments
  • Hotclip video game play event
  • Most influential gamer event
  • Reach certain rank events

Gametalktalk by Ludena is its first dApp, linking games and players to add value to players’ routine activities. Such activities include content creation, live broadcasting, and gameplay. The platform uses gamification to reward users with LDN tokens, letting them “Pin” a game on the dApp.

It allows them to connect and interact with other users from different locations. This is the first time Ludena Protocol launched a game guild in Korea that helps students do live streams, get rewards for playing, and publish game material.

The venture previously worked with names like The Sandbox, Enjin, Polygon Studios, and 40 more global blockchain-based games. Currently, the Ludena team works with 200+ gaming firms in Korea alone. Ludena Protocol holds a major territory in the blockchain arena with millions of users. And hence, it will help Netherlords to reach new users.

Since Google Play Store and Steam do not support blockchain-based games, Gametalktalk emerges as the best platform for players to access them. Joshua Kim, Ludena Protocol’s CEO, talked about the recent partnership.

According to Kim, the latest collaboration activates the official transition of Triple-A blockchain gaming titles. It will be the cornerstone of every blockchain game, leveraging the ventures’ synergy. The partnership will be the ideal starting point for the growth and expansion of the player-to-earn gaming domain, added Kim.

Given Ludena Protocol’s stature, Netherlords will find many new players. At the same time, the collaboration will elevate the portfolio of Gametalktalk.

Roxanne Williams

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