Netmarble unveils Meta City, merging traditional gaming with blockchain innovation

Netmarble, a top player in the mobile gaming business,  has introduced Meta City for the benefit and playing pleasure of gaming enthusiasts The game comes with conventional gaming mechanisms, coupled with the advantages about blockchain technology.

Where Meta City is concerned, it is an open world futuristic game involving the metropolis wherein gamers have the provision of scouring, building and interacting with the rest of the gamers. It caters to ordinary players, as well as blockchain fans. Various activities and options for earning in-game currency and NFTs are at their disposal.

The vision of Netmarble is to effectively bring together conventional gaming and the upcoming blockchain technology. Through integrating NFTS within the game, gamers can own their digital assets and come in for asset increase.

Netmarble has its office in South Korea. It is recognized as a top business in mobile gaming like Lineage 2: Revolution and Marvel Future Fight. Recently, it has been scouring the abilities of blockchain technology in gaming.

It was in 2019, when Netmarble took over the blockchain gaming business, Cheetah Mobile Games. This is when it ventured into the blockchain gaming space.

The initial blockchain oriented game that was introduced by Netwarble was Seven Knights. It integrated NFTs and exposed gamers to real ownership of in-game assets. This is how Mega City came about.

The deliverance of Mega City is happening at a time when NFTs and the Metaverse is receiving tremendous response.

It is impossible to replicate or replace NFTs, basically individualistic digital assets. In terms of gaming, this spells out the fact that gamers can own their in-game products and have the option of trading them on outside marketplaces.

Blockchain technology remains the prime feature of Meta City, bringing about safe and clear transactions in the game. It also ascertains the credibility and ownership of in-game assets, offering players safety while trading and investing in NFTs.

The requirement for venturing into Meat City is for building an avatar and selecting an initial asset. These assets will act as the base for virtual life within the game. After establishing the avatar, the city is open for scouring and engaging in all other offered activities.

Meta City is a revolutionary step in incorporating blockchain technology and NFTs within gaming. It will open various avenues of exposing gamers to games never experienced before.

Trevor Holman

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