Neura by Ankr launches on testnet

Neura, a blockchain especially for AI (artificial intelligence), has been launched on Testnet by Ankr. This is a significant milestone, as Neura is now prepared for its mainnet launch. While it may take some time, the team has kickstarted Road to Mainnet to celebrate the testnet launch and create hype around its mainnet launch. Further strengthening the testnet launch is a recently announced Developer Competition.

Neura’s architecture supports dApps that combine the capabilities of blockchain and AI. With both emerging technologies and being poised for mass adoption in the times to come, Neura is setting the stage to lead the industry ahead of time. Neura commits to supporting the industry with GPU resources, funding, and data storage in the most efficient manner possible. This is in addition to democratizing AI resources and models at every level.

It utilizes CometBFT, its consensus mechanism, instead of PoS, something that Ethereum does.

As for the Developer Competition, it comes with a prize pool of $100,000 in ANKR tokens, as well as additional funding depending on the kind of innovation that developers put on the table. The objective is to accelerate the growth of the ecosystem and the adoption of the emerging technology, which rather extends to blockchain in this instance. Projects will be chosen for additional funding based on their potential.

Kev Silk, Senior PM at Neura, said that they are thrilled to launch the public testnet of the blockchain, adding that they anticipate many groundbreaking projects to emerge from the ongoing Developer Competition. Kev emphasizes that the ANKR token holders will receive priority in engaging with and investing in projects. Also, ANKR token holders will have the first right to experience the potential that AI models bring to the ecosystem.

For reference, the current price of a single ANKR token is $0.05376. That is an increase of 6.64% in the last 24 hours. Holding ANKR comes with more benefits because it is Neura’s universal currency.

ANKR token holders can invest in dApps. This will enable them access to revenue and ownership, plus rewards and other advantages.

Moving forward, plans are in place to migrate ANKR tokens to Neura. A tentative timeline states that the migration could happen by the end of this year, which is 2024. This will enable ANKR holders to utilize the tokens with the support of scalability, interoperability, and liquidity. Holders can also utilise ANKR to pay for GPU resources, distribute GPU rewards, and participate in IMOs.

Ankr has stated that it will assume responsibility for bridging the gap between Ethereum and Neura during the migration. It will do so by locking the tokens on Ethereum and then minting them on the native blockchain.

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