Neutron announces deployment of Apollo DAO

Neutron has taken to Twitter to share the news with its community that Apollo DAO has been deployed on its network. Known for being the asset manager of the cosmos, Apollo DAO will bring a large number of benefits to the ecosystem of Neutron.

Apollo DAO brings to the table the benefit of auto-compounding vaults and leveraged yield farming to the providers of liquidity via the Mars Protocol. When combined, these help users maximize their yield, better manage risks, and lower manual interactions. With Apollo Safe on the Neutron network, the team is all set to craft yield strategies dedicatedly to the members of its ecosystem.

This will expand the opportunities for users of not just Neutron but also Apollo DAO. Apollo users will be at the end of receiving benefits as well. The integration with Neutron will give them access to several opportunities in decentralized finance along with liquidity. It will further enhance the experience of users across the Cosmos app chains.

Neutron is a permissionless smart contract platform designed for interchain DeFi. It has been built by Tendermint in association with Cosmos SDK. The announcement related to the integration of Apollo DAO follows the announcement wherein it has been said that the final launch rehearsal for Neutron will happen on April 18, 2023.

The launch is tentatively scheduled to go live next week. April 18, 2023, will be the last test, per the announcement. It is open for Cosmos Hub Validators who can participate by accessing the verified channel. However, they must first connect with the admins or moderators of the test launch to get started.

Apollo is on the path of constantly innovating for the community. The most recent one was announced on Twitter, highlighting that the leveraged $stATOM – $ATOM Vault went live on Mars for Osmosis.

Also addressed “Vault #3” by Mars Protocol, it enables the farmers to leverage their $stATOM from Stride in the vault with up to 2.67x.

Circling back to Apollo’s integration with Neutron, the communities from both sides are sure to receive rewards, especially with Apollo carrying the leverageable benefit of asset management solutions and yield strategies.

These will be complemented by the advantage of reduced manual interactions since the auto-compounding vaults will come into action. Managing risk is a part of the integration with Apollo customizing the yield strategies for the Neutron Community.

Apollo has chosen Neutron for the level of interchain security that it carries to its shoulders. Neutron is secured by more than 190M staked ATOM. Plus, the permissionless nature of Neutron takes away the worry of users launching on someone’s specific terms. Smart Contract gets to see the light of the market conveniently and seamlessly. Users retain the right to deploy on their conditions.

Neutron is by far the most competitive player in the industry, assisting users in scaling their solutions with neutrality. As for governance, it remains lightweight and yet efficient.

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