New addition to the Sandbox: Eternal Fandom LAND Sale

The exciting and most-awaited news has finally come. A very popular neighborhood in the Sandbox is getting a new addition, and the K Verse: Eternal Fandom LAND Sale will begin soon. This is Sandbox’s third Korea-themed LAND sale, and the makers of Sandbox are eager to provide content to their fan communities. They are going to partner with the biggest brands like Extraordinary Woo, Solo Leveling, and Second Life Ranker. Its players can become neighbors with Girl Group Triple S, the television show Running Man, and leading cosmetics brand Amor Pacific.

Exclusively for game fans, the Sandbox K Verse: Eternal Fandom will be a thrilling space. The most attractive benefit of the Sandbox K Verse is that anybody can play freely in their favorite online metaverse. The Sandbox aims to spark creativity and empower players to create their own game of their dreams. Its players will get an exciting opportunity to begin building in one of the Sandbox’s most desirable neighborhoods. The SandBox has recently opened seven Korean brands and four partner studios.

The game’s extraordinary benefits, including an NFT drop for all LAND owners with prior K verse sales, truly set it apart. An approximate count of 529 LANDs is contained within the K Verse: Eternal Fandom locality. Premium NFTS distribution is ensured through acquiring prime real estate close to Otherworld, Astory, the SBS Content Hub, and Amore Pacific. Winners are eligible to purchase one of the 278 available LANDs in the picturesque neighborhood surrounded by nature. In Sandbox’s most desirable neighborhoods, players have the opportunity to reside in close proximity to prominent figures in Korean culture.

As per the Sandbox organization, a recent redesign of the land sales system has taken place. To acquire land at the Sandbox, participants will be required to participate in the LAND Sale Raffle and maintain an account at the Sandbox. The LAND Sale Raffle is distinguished by the fact that its recipients have the opportunity to purchase one LAND at the land sale. After the LAND sale window closes, individuals in the queue will have the exclusive right to purchase one of the remaining plots of land on a first-come, first-served basis.

Sandbox’s LAND sale mechanism is undergoing a complete redesign to increase the likelihood of every user purchasing LAND. Identification verification has been implemented as a mandatory requirement for participation in the LAND sale system. Sandbox access is restricted to wallet-linked accounts, and renowned brands, including Spaceblock, Witches, and Arimoa, have partnered with K Verse: External Fandom Neighbourhood. 

The Sandbox, whose target demographic consists of music creators, artists, followers, and music brands, has once more made headlines for rewarding creators. The Sandbox, a market leader in the worldwide Web3 industry, benefits from its proficiency in narrative construction and unwavering commitment to state-of-the-art technologies. The Sandbox, which represents a prominent decentralized gaming virtual world, has embraced the metaverse as a shared digital space in its entirety. 

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