New crypto darling Pullix (PLX) up over 100% after launch with CEX listings imminent

After months of presale, Pullix was finally launched. The reactions of the market since the launch have been impressive. For instance, barely 40 minutes after it launched, over $2.35M PLX tokens were traded to show the project’s wide acceptance in the market. Crypto analysts have also projected good things for the token in the year. Let’s see what makes Pullix a top DeFi project and what drives the token price up. 

Pullix (PLX) heads to the moon hours after launch

A few weeks ago, some analysts projected a more than 100% rally for Pullix after launch. Smart investors accepted the prediction and invested heavily in the project. So far, barely 24 hours after the project was launched, the PLX token has increased by 100%. The token, which was launched at a floor price of $0.168, is now trading at $0.436, with early investors getting as high as 620% ROI, making it a top DeFi coin to buy now.

Notably, the same analysts that projected over 100% returns on launch have also projected over 800-1200% rally before the end of the year. That means there is still time to join and benefit from the ongoing rally. The token has already been listed in CoinGecko, with the BitMart CEX listing coming up in a couple of days.

The Pullix market cap surged to $88.6M on launch and with the current momentum, it could reach $500M before the end of Q1. Analysts believe the project’s launch marks the beginning of a journey filled with monumental growth opportunities while positioning the token for a massive price rally.

Meanwhile, the Pullix platform is also gearing up to list the token in more CEX platforms, such as Binance, Coinbase, etc, in the coming weeks. Over 120M tokens were sold in the presale, and that helped Pullix raise close to $10M for the ecosystem development. The PLX tokens liquidity has also been locked for two years in Uniswap in a show of commitment and trust by the team. 

What makes Pullix unique?

The Pullix platform has so many unique features which are beneficial to investors. One of them is the profit-sharing model, which ensures that a certain percentage of the platform’s revenue is given to token holders. There is also the token burn feature, which ensures a certain percentage of the tokens are burned to stabilize the price of tokens in circulation.

At Pullix, users can trade a wide range of assets and derivatives from one platform without the need for KYC. Traders can also use their crypto assets as collateral to trade a range of other OTC derivatives.

Pullix aims to implement a community-driven trading initiative where users can follow other successful traders and copy trade to boost their profits. To achieve that, Pullix will implement automated solutions like AI trading tools to enhance trading strategies and boost users’ profits.

What is Pullix?

Pullix is a trade-to-earn exchange platform that seeks to solve the issues of DeFi and CeFi. Issues such as liquidity, high transaction fees, and security will be solved. The Pullix platform will ensure adequate liquidity, exceedingly high security, and zero transaction commissions.

The platform is non-custodial, which means users have full control over their assets. Above all, Pullix is a top DeFi project that will shape the future of trading. With the token already heading to the moon, PLX is one of the best Altcoins to buy now, particularly as analysts have projected over 800% rally in the year.

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