New crypto Frogwifhat, inspired by Dogwifhat (WIF), pumps on Uniswap listing

With its quirky imagery that combines the “wifhat” meta narrative with a frog character, Frogwifhat (FWIF) has become the latest meme coin sensation following its launch on Uniswap on Feb 26.

Also spelled Frog Wif Hat, the new meme coin has been riding its quirky appeal and the current interest towards Bitcoin and has surpassed $1 million in market capitalization within 48 hours after its stealth launch on Uniswap. 

Even though Frogwifhat’s imagery is appealing, does it have enough punch to become the next big meme coin of this year? 

Frog with a La Beret and a Baguette

“Vs.” and “2.0” narrative meme coins took the cake late last year, and coins like Pepe 2.0 and Shiba V Pepe climbed the price charts quickly as fans of memes came together to share jokes across social media. 

2024, however, seems to be dedicated to the “wifhat” narrative, meme coin characters with hats on. Frogwifhat is a project that merges the old narrative with the new. 

While his wearing a “le beret” adds to the new crypto’s “wifhat” narrative, a baguette in his hand that is being used to smack Doge also gives it a “vs.” appeal. $FWIF also appears to be aiming to be a 2.0 version of Dogwifhat, which has been pumping exponentially this week after Elon Musk mentioned meme coins on his X feed again.

Adding to it is the unique tone this meme coin has taken, which tells of Frog Wif Hat as a character that’s tired of “no-class” meme coins and wants to add more grace to the meme coin niche. 

Coupled with this unique tone is a unique way of representing the token. An accent-filled content accentuating the “French” -ness covers the official website, highlighting the “bourgeois toad who loathes today’s nouveau riche”. This content shows that the entire goal of this project is to overtake all the major meme coins currently flooding the market.

New crypto FWIF explodes after Uniswap listing

Even though Frogwifhat arrived as a stealth launch, the community sniffed it out and came together to push it to its all-time high. Within six hours of launch, the frog-inspired meme coin increased by more than 800% to reach $0.004. 

New crypto FWIF explodes after Uniswap listing

Then, the new meme token’s value is corrected, as is common with explosive new Uniswap listings. However, degens reacted quickly, and those new buyers have currently pumped its price back over the $0.002 mark.

Even though the trend around this very new crypto token, according to the four-hour chart above, is still highly volatile, the community hopes for another surge to arrive that could help it become another Dogwifhat.

A closer look at the Frogwifhat roadmap – Next Dogwifhat?

Frogwifhat’s potential could be gathered by looking at its simplified roadmap, which has three stages. 

The first stage was the new crypto’s launch on Uniswap, establishing a social media presence and creating posts engaging the community through memes and “swears”. 

The second stage is pushing the project’s marketing efforts in a bid to ensure that there are at least 1000 holders. At press time, the project has attracted upwards of 760 holders. This stage will also include launching Frogwifhat on the Solana blockchain via PortalBridge. 

A closer look at the Frogwifhat roadmap - Next Dogwifhat

In the third stage, the project aims to generate enough virality to surpass the $100 million market capitalization, get 10,000 holders, and buy high-end NFT art. 

The last stage indicates that this project could have some NFT-related utilities in the pipeline, but something of that sort has yet to be spoken by the team. 

The project is hilarious – Zach Humphries

Zach Humphries is a crypto YouTuber with more than 125,000 subscribers. Last month, he gained much traction on social media and in some crypto circles by covering SMOG, another meme coin with a unique appeal. 

He has also reviewed and commented on the project, calling it a hilarious meme coin. However, he did state that the project had some risks, mostly because his review was when Frogwifhat didn’t even have a working Twitter account yet. 

Crypto Gains is another YouTuber to have covered Frogwifhat, and his views towards this new cryptocurrency are more optimistic. In his view, memes will make a comeback, and he wants to get in now when no one is paying much attention. 

Overall, Frogwifhat presents an interesting prospect for meme coins. Plus, it is launching when the interest in new meme cryptos is in full swing, and the fear and greed index is pointing to extreme greed, making it a good time to buy. 

Those interested can visit the official website to make a purchase ahead of its upcoming CEX listings or visit DEXScreener to see the latest price chart.

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