New crypto sharks leap onto Mollars Token presale’s top 5 single purchase list

The fiasco has not stopped cryptocurrency investors from investing in the initial coin offering. Though the ICO went inactive for three days, as a domain issue was being resolved, the days before and after were still filled with token presale buyer activity. However, two sharks in those days made purchases bigger than the rest. The crypto ‘big fish’ entered the list of Top 5 single transaction buyers.

These sharks did not buy enough to top the list, however. The top Mollars holder purchased a few cents under $16,668 worth of the store of value token. However, these new ‘big bag’ holders did buy enough to push the former 4th and 5th biggest single buyer’s records off the list. The two crypto sharks both bought more than US$5000, which was formerly the 4th biggest single presale transaction on record.

New Record for 5th Highest Single Token Presale Purchase

The first new investor to slide into the top 5 ranks was a crypto shark who purchased 2 ETH worth of presale tokens on February 1st. The Ethereum coins traded in for Mollars valued at ~$5264. A hefty amount, this is more than most Americans have in their savings account today.

The $5.2K purchase is now the 5th highest single token presale buy to date. The 2 Ethereum (ETH) coins were used to gain the trader future ownership of 10,528 Mollars tokens. After the ICO closes, they will receive that handsome reward for their early investment.

The former record for the 5th highest single purchase of Mollars tokens was a few cents over $4678. This record was set just nine days before the new high, the 22nd of January, 2023.

4th Biggest Single Token Presale Buy Comes From A Trader DCA’ing

The fifth biggest purchase would have been the fourth largest until another crypto shark bought massive amounts of Mollars tokens on February 7th. Just one week ago, six days after the 5th highest ranking purchase was made, another purchase of over US$5K was completed; One crypto investor put 2.5 Ethereum (ETH) into the Mollars presale. That’s half an $ETH coin higher than the 5th biggest single transaction buy.

This crypto shark completed the single transaction purchase at 4:52 PM (UTC Time). The 2.5th Ethereum coins traded for $MOLLARS had a USD value of $6579.61 as of today.

What’s special about this crypto shark, however, is that they are not just a one-time buyer. These cryptocurrency investors made four additional purchases of Mollars tokens over a span of 4 days. It looks as if the trader could be “Dollars Cost Averaging” large amounts of money but keeping a low profile while doing so.

Over the total of 7 buy transactions (see wallet), the crypto shark has bought a total of over $15,200 worth of Mollars tokens. Had all these transactions been done in 1 purchase, the investor would be the 2nd biggest single transaction rank holder instead of 4th.

buy Mollars Token

All of these purchases have been made in the current round of the Mollars presale. In the fourth round, the investor will receive 30.4k tokens for their contribution to the project after the ICO closes.

As priorly reported, the top 3 single transaction purchases are still as follows:

  1. The top single transaction buy was for $16,367.98. The investment was completed with 7 $ETH tokens according to the presale transaction address. The crypto whale now has nearly 41000 whole $MOLLARS tokens. 
  2. The second biggest single purchase during this ICO was for just under $10k. Another crypto whale leaped into the Mollars presale head first, dropping a bag worth $9,352.90 for 20,784.22 tokens.
    This purchase transaction was on January 22nd. This Goliath trader used 4 Ethereum ($ETH) coins for the transaction.
    The third-highest single buy of $Mollars tokens was logged in the 2nd round of the token presale. The amount for the purchase is $6783.98.

The total amount spent in the top 5 single presale purchases is $44.347.49. The massive amount accounts for about 14% of the Mollars token presale’s total amount of funds raised thus far.

A small fraction of the total $651,000 raised to date for the project, investors do not have to worry about a Mollars whale influencing the total market thus far. A scan of the presale wallet address shows no single trader is monopolizing the presale, which only has 4 million tokens maximum to offer buyers.

The total token supply to be minted of Mollars is only 10 million. This is half of the coins circulating for its top rival, Bitcoin.

If demand swells for the $MOLLARS crypto brand, it could see a hyper-parabolic shift in value — a major positive growth. Various analysts predicted the store-of-value token would increase in value by +2400% to +4400%, but it could go even higher if it continues on the current upward trajectory.

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