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New Cryptocurrency White Labeling Platform, Ibinex Financials, Officially Launches


New York, NY, August 13, 2018: Ibinex Financials, a New York City-based dedicated and completely private, institutional white label platform that enables anyone to set up their own customized cryptocurrency exchange, this week officially went live for all interested financial personnel and users.

Passionate about bridging the gap between traders and exchanges through a blockchain-based lens, Ibinex Financials is leveraging the security that exists in blockchain transactions through encrypted transfer of information.

“Gone are the days when financial institutions had to develop their own exchange and privately source cryptocurrency liquidity,” said Simon Grunfeld, CEO of Ibinex Financials. “In just a few weeks’ time, anyone can set up their own customized cryptocurrency exchange, built upon our platform’s commitment to security, trust, and transparency.”

Ibinex is fully equipped with tools and resources to support enterprises of all sizes today. The platform contains retail coin wallets, exchange platforms, institutional OTC offerings for large off-exchange transactions, marketing tools, regulation changes and updates, and professional services.

Ibinex uses CryptoBridge, a patent-pending software solution that aggregates the best contracts from the premier currency exchanges and indexes in real-time, to power every trade on their proprietary white label platform. Using CryptoBridge, Ibinex participants can offer their end users the most attractive live “top of book” prices in the world.

“Our solution has been years in the making, drawing on our expertise, collaboration, industry knowledge, and vision to create what is Ibinex today,” said Grunfeld. “Our private label solution not only addresses the basics of trading, it also provides an easy-to-use experience with special attention to aesthetics and detail.”

The Ibinex platform is characterized by its beautiful and streamlined interface, with special focus on user experience. Equipped with additional tools for sharing liquidity of ICOs and Tokens through other Ibinex platforms, Ibinex also provides education, social trading, risk management, and affiliation tools that result in a total and comprehensive experience for clients.

“The name of the game is enabling our users to grow their businesses,” said Grunfeld. “From research and development, to complete on-boarding and KYC procedures, that’s what we’re here to do for our clients. Spread the word on the official launch of our new cryptocurrency white labeling platform, and head on over today to see what Ibinex can do for your operation.”

At this time, clients are exempt from service fees for the first 3-months of operation, with a 0.1% fee on exchange volume to follow. As the Ibinex team has stated, the result is nothing short of an entire “exchange in a box” solution.

For more information, visit: https://ibinex.com.


Vishal Parmar

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