New era of Blockchain innovation: HTX partners with Astar Network

HTX, the industry’s top asset exchange, has partnered with Astar Network on the recently established TGE Catalyst Grant. Astar Network is a blockchain that aims to become Polkadot’s smart contract hub. According to industry sources, the Astar Network will serve as an efficient parachain for Polkadot. It marks a critical milestone in the ambitious path to promote innovation within the blockchain system. The Astar zkEVM platform is critical to driving technological innovation inside the blockchain ecosystem.

The TGE Catalyst Grant will act as a catalyst for change in projects preparing for TGE (Token Generation Events) on Astar’s zkEVM. This program is an ideal combination of financial aid, strong marketing efforts, and strategic alliances with important industry decision-makers. 

The Token Generation Events Catalyst Grant’s ultimate goal is to facilitate a successful token launch. HTX is committed to sponsoring revolutionary projects that propel the tech industry toward a better future. The collaboration between HTX and Astar Network will serve to foster technological transformation. It will provide extensive market assistance in addition to facilitating next-generation token projects.

HTX Ventures, HTX’s investment arm, has invested in Astar Network since 2021. The relationship demonstrates HTX’s commitment to the Astar platform’s growth and success story, as well as its important projects. The HTX team is excited about growing the Astar zkEVM system, which advances their ambitious mission at Astar Network. HTX is excited to collaborate with TGE Catalyst Grant to bring about a transformational shift in the ecosystem. The TGE Catalyst Grant offers incredible benefits, such as strategic CEX collaborations, unique marketing alliances, and a listing acceleration package.

Strategic CEX collaborations enable TGE Catalyst Grant to expedite the listing process and boost market momentum by partnering with industry leaders. Their special marketing and KOL relationships will help to increase the project’s awareness and participation among the Web3 worldwide community. 

TGE Catalyst Grant provides liquidity consulting services and financial support for CEX marketing and promotional efforts. Its prominent services include project preparedness and security. 

HTX’s cooperation with TGE Catalyst Grant expands their portfolio of ground-breaking blockchain services. This unique collaboration strengthens their position as a catalyst in the decentralized finance market.

The evolution of FTX from a simple cryptocurrency exchange to a comprehensive blockchain architecture resembles an amazing fable. They provide a variety of services, including digital asset trading, research, financial derivatives, investing, and incubation. HTX is a world-class gateway to Web3, with global expansion, wealth effect, environmental prosperity, compliance, and safety as the cornerstones of its business strategy. 

HTX has established itself as a prominent international frontrunner in the Web3 domain by delivering dependable, secure, and inclusive services. Astar Network serves as an access point for projects, including business enterprises, gaming, and entertainment in Japan and other nations. They are pioneers in global adoption and bringing Web 3 to billions of people around the universe.

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