New French Law Sets Out Guidelines for ICOs

France has recently implemented an updated legal framework for ICOs after cutting down on more than half of taxation rates on profit that is made by the cryptocurrency trading. The French lawmakers are the newest authorities to have adopted a legal framework for initial coin offering (ICO).

The lawmakers of France have passed this new law that branch out the guidelines that are for the initial coin offerings, according to the announcement by Minister Bruno Le Maire. Le Maire tweeted that the Article 26 now implements in committee at the parliament which sheds light on the broader plans of Emmanuel Macron, the French President’s broader plans for improving the business growth and revolution.

A translation to the tweet shared below by Mr. Le Maire states, “There is the new legal framework surrounding the ICO guidelines which will attract new investors and innovators from around the world to work on a global platform #blockchain.

Bruno Le Maire Tweet

This new legislature is enabling the Authorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), French financial regulator, to agree and issue permits for those businesses that are working on floating ICOs in France. However, the permits shall only distribute if the business is willing to provide some specific guarantees to its investors in their set of regulations.

As the situation insists, the issuers will need to provide the AMF applications with full disclosure that allows the buyers for making informed decisions regarding the ICO. Previously the French regulators were the ones to discuss the concerns regarding the lack of regulations on token sales that result in an imminent threat accompanying the ICOs. The threat makes the prospect of loss, terror financing and money laundering all the more inherent.

The ICO is where the companies are involved in raising money by developing new digitalized coins and offer them on sale to the public. The initial coin offerings work in a way to imitate the initial public offerings that deal with stock. However, this type of offering is much less risky and doesn’t come with vigorous regulatory management, and that makes the latter more of an attractive choice for many start-ups.

New Cryptocurrency Haven?

France, under the presidency of Macron, is paving its way in becoming a haven for blockchain business and also the cryptocurrency businesses. It was earlier the same year when Macron launched PACTE – Action Plan for Business Growth. The aim after this innovation was primarily to make it easy for the companies that are set to operate in the country by proposing legal guidelines meant to determine in case of fundraising using the sales of digital tokens.

The new laws weren’t anything sudden; in fact, it initiated through a moment in July which constituted into the law finally passed on September 12, after public consultations undertook by AMF. The tax imposition on the cryptocurrency returns was cut back by 19%, an act which brought a sense of the positive development of the future in the industry of cryptocurrency and blockchain too, especially when formulated in France, the sixth largest economy of the world.

To get an insight into the reason and future implications on the new law, the law firm Kramer Levin explains it to the notch. The new law and legislation, they say, provides a token definition that a token is an immaterial numeric property which suggests that one or more rights can issue, conserved, registered or transferred. It can be done so with an electronic registration that undertakes the work of determining the identity of the owner and the property, directly or indirectly.

The evolving industry of cryptocurrency and increasing businesses associating with blockchain technologies, the new law passed by French authorities brings it one step closer to providing secure and reliable service providers.

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