New Listing: Binance DEX Introduces Sharing Economy Focused ANKR Token With ANKR/BNB Pair

Binance DEX announced on Thursday that it had opened trading for Ankr Network on the platform. It is initially offering ANKR/BNB trading pairs, and more options are likely to follow.

Ankr is blockchain network aimed to bring idle computing resources in data centers to use by leveraging them. What it basically does is that it allows enterprises and consumers to monetize the idle computing capacities from their devices, on-premise servers, private cloud, and even public cloud. In short, it promotes a sharing economy, where people are encouraged to share their spare resources to create additional value.

The San Francisco based network differentiates itself from the market by boasting features like higher availability, lower price, easier integration, and secure communication. The network will be particularly used for applications with intensive computation, medical/geological research, time-sensitive signal processing offloading, and data analytics.

The platform has a well laid out plan for the current year. In the year 2019, Ankr aims to achieve a lot of things, data center solution pilot adoption, user experience improvement, infrastructure integration, and additional cloud computing functionalities. The network will launch enterprise level services in the third quarter of this year. Ankr has also struck partnership with big names like University of California Berkeley, SAP, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Digital Ocean.

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