New NFT sale by Monster World is live

The public stage of the new NFT sale by Monster World has already begun, and purchasing Nyang kits, discovery packages, and starter packages is now possible. The non-fungible token sale can be paid using RON, SLP, AXS, USDC, or WETH. 1 RON features 250,000 Nyang, the Monster World, and ZERO X AND became an inevitable part of the Ronin movement recently. They successfully collaborated with Gravity to bring the Ragnarok IP to Web3 and the crypto community can buy Nyang Kits to reveal Ragmon tickets.

Ragnarok’s Discovery and Starter packages come preloaded with bonus kits, and you can use the Ragmon ticket to claim common-grade Ragmons. Monster World’s NFT Sale is divided into two stages: the Allowlist stage and the Public Stage. Regardless of the package format, each wallet has the capacity to purchase 50 Nyang kits across both stages. The wallet will show Nyangvine tickets and Ragmon tickets as nonfungible tokens. Users can exchange Ragmon tickets instead of Ragmon NFT, participate in the Irochi Baphomet raffle, or trade collectibles on the Mavis marketplace.

Ragnarok is not merely a simple game; rather, it has captivated a generation of gaming enthusiasts worldwide.The first Web3 experience will debut after the launch of Ragnarok’s Nyang Kit non fungible token sales. The gaming freaks can prepare themselves for a fresh era of the Ragnarok immersive gaming experience, exclusively available on Ronin. Players can obtain Nyang kits by completing quests or participating in collaborative events. The Nyang Kit sale will be the best option available to secure the player community’s desired amount. The Ragnarok management team organized the price to ensure accessibility for everyone.

The Nyang Kit is the first step of the Ragmon Project’s nonfungible token voyage, and it is inclusive of Nyangvine and Ragmon tickets. Holders of Nyangvine will receive exclusive benefits such as participation in Genesis Tamer draws. It is possible to redeem Ragmon tickets against Ragmon nonfungible tokens, and its sales will consist of Collaborator Stage, Public Stage and Allowlist Stage. The requirements for participation in each stage of new NFT sales are diverse, and they offer attractive packages. The collaborator stage in the non fungible token stage is open to guilds, partners, teams, and investors.

Promoting the buying of huge volumes of Nyang Kits is the first and foremost objective of the Collaborator Stage in NFT Sales. The community, Ronin creators, team, and members of the Ronin guild are all eligible to participate in the Allowlist Stage of the NFT Sales. The Public Stage allows users with a Ronin wallet to mint up to 50 Nyang Kits in diverse formats. 

The best advantage of the Public Stage in NFT sales is that anyone with a Ronin wallet can participate in the new stage. Each Nyang Kit is festooned with lucrative bonus rewards and extra Nyang kits. The Nyang Kit package offers splendid benefits to the user community and each package is loaded with different inclusions.

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