New Order Partners With Outlier Ventures To Launch 30-40 New DeFi Projects

New Order is all set to partner with Base Camp, Outlier Ventures’ top web3 accelerator, to launch around 30 to 40 DeFi (Decentralized Finance) projects in the next 2 years. New Order is a new DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) incubator driven by the community for the early-state DeFi projects.

This collaboration with Base Camp would most likely drive more DeFi developments by leveraging the existing network of New Order’s investors, smart contract developers, and builders to produce a new strain of next-gen dApps or DeFi applications that promote metaverse, a convergent point between the offline and online worlds.

New Order and its DAO venture work with development teams whose goal is to make DeFi exceedingly machine intelligent, multi-chained, and extended to more digital assets like NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens. With no budget constraints, DAO will be able to bootstrap new projects on DeFi through solutions developed simultaneously by DeFi teams through like-minded innovators.

Outlier Ventures has raised its funding to over $250 million to fund web3 startups, and it is looking forward to fostering an open metaverse. Web3, the new world, would be open to the public and established on transparent blockchains where every information would be accessible freely for other apps.

Outlier Ventures is funding and supporting New Order which is its first DAO venture. Although the main objective is to bring additional DeFi, Outlier Ventures, and New Order plans to explore more on MetaFi; a concept brought about by Outlier Ventures. MetaFi is DeFi applied on Metaverse. An example of MetaFi would be NFTs being used as collateral for monetary loans.

The amalgamation of Outlier Venture’s pedigree and knowledge and New Order’s transparent and open public development and funding process will ensure many DeFi projects get into the market faster if they are supported and held by world-class partners.

According to the founder of New Order, Eden Dhaliwal, with New Order’s DeFi technology and Ventures’ first-rate Web3 accelerator, the platform’s new decentralized Base Camp would launch enthralling projects, bringing in new DeFi user experience and improved products to the Web3 community, metaverses, and CeFi.


The CEO of Outlier Ventures, Jamie Burke, has made significant investments in DeFi in recent years; however, it needs an improved and nuanced ecosystem activation and service provision such as its Base Camp program.

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