New Report By Dapp Review Suggests That Tron Is The Most ‘Active’ Platform

Tron seems to be having a purple patch, as everything is going as it planned. After successfully launching BTFS, the community has received yet another good news, this time from Dapp Review, crypto analytics, and media house. In its latest report, Dapp Review stats that Tron has listed the most number of dapps since the beginning of this year, more than Ethereum, IOST, and EOS.

According to the report, Tron has added over 414 dapp in 2019, a good 53 more than Ethereum (361), which is positioned second. EOS (310), and IOST (29) are placed third and fourth, respectively.

Apart from this, Tron also has the largest user base, with over 710,700 active users. EOS comes in second, with over 520,000 active users, and with over 465,000 active users, Ethereum takes the third place. IOST, which is the newest platform of the lot, understandably takes the fourth position with 27,000 active users.

Interestingly, despite having the most dapps coming in, and with the largest active user base, Tron did have the highest transactional volume. EOS had over staggering 742 million transactions since the start of 2019, while Tron only had over 192 million transactions. Surprisingly, Ethereum had just around 11.7 million transactions to its name, lesser even than the young gun IOST, which had over 88 million transactions recorded.

Nonetheless, by going through TRX Predictions, we know that Tron is encouraging day by day, and it will definitely want to continue the good work. After the launch of BitTorrent Speed, the network will potentially have over 100 million new users, which alone is enough to trigger the bulls for Tron.

Trevor Holman

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