New York University Offers the US-First Major in Blockchain Technology

An increasing number of people are showcasing their interest to associate themselves with the industry of blockchain and cryptocurrency as the time demands. To prove the upsurge in interested population, many enterprises and researchers have conducted separate interviews and extensive studies and asked questions to people about their plans of involvement in blockchain and cryptocurrency. The responses varied greatly, but most of the respondents approved of getting to know more about the world of the blockchain.

Reportedly, the New York University (NYU) has become the “first” university in the United States to offer the students with a major in blockchain technology course, according to the reports of CBS New York on 18 September. We see this step came in the near-perfect time and allows an opportunity for the interested candidates to study about blockchain technology, now as a major course and a certified study from NYU.

The major’s program will be conducted by the NYU Stern School of Business, which is also considered to be a fundamental base for achieving undergraduate course degree in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Professor Andre Hinkes says that the program aims to establish a base for students to understand what goes in keeping the industry running. It will help them to understand the platform from a legal and business view as well as prepare them to involve and tackle in the new and evolving market.

Associate Professor Kathleen Derose says that the establishing community of the university is expecting to merge with large blockchain and cryptocurrency companies for training programs expertise and startups can invent “the cool new stuff” for their contribution.

Major in Blockchain Technology

Interestingly, the number of students willing to participate in the course spiked up as compared to last years’ figures and so the university has decided to increase the seats and availability this year for this particular course.

Adam White, the member of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, says that the students will be able to witness development and birth of a new industry through this study as they get to learn the inside of the industry from a vantage point. He says and we quote, “we are looking at bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), and blockchain as internet 3.0.”

Coinbase was recently able to identify through a study, that among the worlds’ top 50 universities, 42% of them have at least one class associated for blockchain and cryptocurrency. Out of the total 172 class reviews by the exchange firm, 15% of the classes held by economics, law, finance and business departments. The social science departments conduct another 4% of these classes. The United States is the most popular choice of country for students willing to enroll in blockchain and crypto-related courses.

The growing interest isn’t limited to only acquiring the complete knowledge about the term. Instead, the youth of U.S. along with students are also sharing their plans for cryptocurrency investment. According to a study conducted in March, there are 21.1% college students using loan money to fund a crypto investment, expecting the market volatility will allow them to pay debts faster.

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