Newegg now Accepts Dogecoin as a Primary Payment Method

Making an important official announcement that could impact the prices of Dogecoin in the coming days, the leading e-retailer chain in North America, Newegg, has announced Dogecoin as one of the official payment methods for shopping on its website. The electronic retailing chain is a well-known name in the technology-focused industry. Its support for Dogecoin is expected to further expand the growing appeal of cryptocurrency, besides positively impacting its price in the near future. Check here the details Dogecoin price prediction from CryptoNewsz.

It is not the first time that Newegg has come up with such an advanced, forward-looking measure. It has always remained at the forefront of adopting new technologies, including the use of cryptocurrencies as a legitimate payment method. It was the first e-retailing chain that started accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment as far back as 2014, and now, with support for Dogecoin, it has got another first in its kitty. 

The excitement and fervor of accepting Dogecoin as a primary payment method on are quite palpable. Besides, the recent spike in the value of the cryptocurrency has helped the company take this decision. The philosophy of Newegg is to enhance customers’ convenience by providing them with different payment options that are in accordance with their preference and choice, and the inclusion of Dogecoin is aligned with their vision. 

In order to complete the purchase with Dogecoin, a customer has to select the edit option during check out, followed by choosing the BitPay option. Customers can then complete the transaction using Dogecoin from their digital wallets. The complete details on how to make transactions with Dogecoin can be found on

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