Nexon and Polygon Supernets head over to power MapleStory Universe

Polygon Labs has published an official blog post to announce that Nexon has selected Polygon Labs as a partner. The goal is to increase MapleStory Universe’s in-game economy and fuel its blockchain ecosystem. Nexon intends to achieve the goals by developing a specialized and application-specific Polygon Supernet.

Online gaming now has a massive virtual world that can often become complicated to handle. Nexon is looking to leverage the solution offering of Polygon, enabling the game publisher to customize the blockchain and meet the requirements. MapleStory has approximately 180 million users and a healthy network of members across social media platforms, including forums.

By creating Polygon Supernet, Nexon can bring its community into the gaming world on a blockchain. Nexon’s community is also the reason why MapleStory Universe has quickly climbed the ranks in the list of Web3 games. Users at MapleStory Universe currently trade digital assets with the in-game currency based on Web2. The creation of Polygon Supernet will enable users to switch to the Web3 mechanism, allowing them to acquire non-fungible tokens through gameplay.

Throughout the game’s virtual environment, the non-fungible tokens obtained through gameplay will offer a variety of advantages and utilities.

Polygon is already home to global enterprises like Adobe, Robinhood, and Stripe. Specifically for game publishers, Polygon has so far partnered with big names including, but not limited to, Decentraland, Atari, Ubisoft, Animoca, and Somnium Space.

Its ecosystem has more than 220 million unique user addresses and tens of thousands of decentralized applications.

If the benefit will be rolled out in all 100 countries where Nexon is operational, however, remains to be seen. Selecting Polygon Supernet is the beginning; however, the developments that follow could take time to reach users across a hundred countries in the world. MapleStory Universe is likely to set a trend for the rest of the 60+ online games to consider moving on with Polygon Supernet.

Sun-Young Hwang, the group leader of MapleStory Universe, has said that MapleStory is looking forward to expanding the ecosystem of NFT that has been envisioned by building on Polygon. Calling Polygon a perfect choice, the Group Leader has added that MapleStory and Polygon will work closely to develop the game and market it to the best potential.

Ryan Wyatt, the president of Polygon Labs, has said that Nexon leveraging the capabilities of Polygon Supernets sends a strong message to the industry about the kind of future that blockchain gaming has. Ryan has also said that Korea is a critical market for Web3 gaming, and Polygon will therefore offer multiple solutions to make sure that vision goes out into the market.


People say online gaming has been a significant driver of blockchain activities over the past year. According to estimates, over three-quarters of game developers are expected to work on Web3 games in the years to come.

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