NFT-Based Horseracing Platform, DeRace, Goes Live on Polygon

The NFT-based horse-racing platform DeRace is going to be launched on Polygon soon. Powered by Blockchain technology, DeRace allows users to take part in horse races and the breeding of NFT horses. Users can also host horse races in their NFT hippodrome. The complete ecosystem of NFT-based horse racing seeks to set new standards in the industry of horse race betting by incorporating Polygon into its network. The IDO of DeRace was launched on DAO Maker on 26th July. Founded by Adomas Juodišius and his team of developers, DeRace aims to disrupt the industries of horse racing, gambling, and video gaming.

The platform offers a customized gaming experience that is completely transparent and provably fair. The players have the opportunity to become bookmakers off horse racing at the platform. To know more about horse racing crypto betting in detail, visit here!

These bookmakers take in lucrative profits from the bets and fees deposited by other players at the horse racing events. Polygon is one of the most premium protocols for the development and connection of Ethereum-compatible networks of Blockchain technology. It is the primary objective of Polygon to procure full-stack solutions for scalability that can provide support to the ecosystem of multi-chain Ethereum. The robust network of Polygon has the power to conduct around 65000 transactions per second.  The integration with the protocol of Polygon is a significant milestone for the platform of DeRace. Click here to know everything about Ethereum sports betting!

The platform of Polygon is renowned for its Ethereum-based solutions and infrastructure. The core part of Polygon is the framework called Polygon SDK, which is modular and flexible in nature. Polygon SDK supports the connection and development of secured chains that include Validium, zkRollups, Optimistic Rollups, and so on. It builds and connects Standalone Chains such as Polygon POS for independence and flexibility. The scaling solutions and infrastructure of the Polygon network have been adopted by more than 500 dApps, 6 million daily transactions, and 567 million regular transactions. The platform is renowned for its ability to deploy preset networks of Blockchain technology with a single click. The interoperability protocol of Polygon enables the exchange of arbitrary messages between the networks of Ethereum and more. The collaboration with Polygon will enable DeRace to electrify the current market of NFT by allowing users to interact with the DNA-charged NFT horses to gain complete control of their hippodromes. 

Through the integration with the protocol of Polygon Network, DeRace seeks to provide gamers with a seamless experience. With the help of the Ethereum scaling solutions of Polygon, DeRace will be able to execute transactions at high speed and low cost which would be greatly advantageous for the community of DeRace.

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