NFT-Platform Rarible Announces Three Significant Updates

The beginning was fun with the team experimenting its ways with NFT. The wheels turned after it received a great response from creators, collectors, and builders from all over the world.

Rarible announced three updates today in its official blog post. Every update holds a different and important aspect to the world of blockchain.

The first one integrates Tezos with the process expected to conclude tentatively in December 2021. The NFT-based platform would also take a step in fulfilling its responsibilities towards making trading safe for the environment.

The third one supports the launch of the Women Rise NFT collection with an objective that is as powerful as the women are.

Integration Of Tezos Blockchain

The higher the energy consumption, the more threat it poses to the environment. The digital world runs on machines that indirectly contribute as a hazardous component for the environment.

Proof-of-Work blockchain consumes energy that is way beyond being accepted by the world. They cause damage to the environment.

The great news is that a solution exists. It is called Proof-of-Stake. Its operations are safer for the environment. The output generated by Ethereum supports it.

Ethereum 2.0 adopted the technology and has reduced energy consumption by a whopping 99.95%. This has attracted many collectors and creators to take a step forward and adopt it to integrate it into their system.

Rarible would take this step as well to lower the barriers for others. The ultimate aim is to build digital assets, the most sustainable option in the future.

The lower barriers would apply to every creator, collector, and seller. The integration is expected to conclude at the earliest date in December 2021.

Partnership With Nori

The update talks more about the environmental issue by making it convenient for everyone to follow the trend.

The climate concerns prevail at a macro level. They affect everyone irrespective of the location of a person. Rarible has proactively addressed this through its partnership with Nori.

With the support of this partnership, Rarible will be able to lower the carbon footprint to a negative mark. A user will only have to click a button to make this happen.

To spread the word faster, Rarible has committed to incurring the entire cost for every NFT trade done through Ethereum on its platform from November 30 to December 05.

Supporting Women Rise Movement

Women have the equal power to bring a positive change as men have. The latest NFT movement effectively highlights this.

Rarible has extended its support to launch the NFT collection for the movement called Women Rise Collection. It follows the ideology that everyone in the community has a voice and deserves to be included.

The campaign celebrates the gender diversity and groundbreaking achievements delivered by women all over the world.

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