NFT project Wassies launches an innovative pop-up hotel

The NFT project Wassies has come out and successfully delivered a pop-up hotel in Singapore. The aim and intention behind this are to be able to introduce the NFT to a much wider audience in the real world. The project by itself has seemingly been able to gather a tremendous amount of popularity along the way. The pop-up hotel that it has delivered happens to be coming with a specific theme, and it will be fully operational from the month of March to the month of September 2023. 

The hotel will have six floors, and there will be a total of 55 rooms in it. Out of the total number of rooms, 49 of them will happen to be having Wassie-based themes. The balance of the 6 rooms will be depicting Wassies and Friends. This will include CryptoPunks, Azukis, and Nouns, as well as Pudgy Penguins, Squiggles, and the Kong Collective. 

Where a pop-up hotel is concerned, it happens to be a kind of short-term arrangement in terms of accommodation. In most cases, they happen to come with one-of-its-kind designs, as well as facilities for guests to be able to enjoy all of the creature comforts in an absolutely relaxed and leisurely environment. Particularly where this pop-up hotel is concerned, the rooms, as well as even the corridors, happen to have artworks displayed. Incidentally, these artworks are the creations of the Wassie community.   

According to the team members, this entire exercise is being carried out in the form of a trial in terms of the utilization of the Wassie IP through various verticals. Through this and at the pop-up hotel, all of the NFT holders will have the privilege of receiving free coffee on a daily basis, which will be duly provided from a Wassie-based themed café. 

There will also happen to be the provision of beverages coming with a certain amount of discounts, as well as the room bookings waiving off 20% of the actual cost. The per-night price happens to begin from $112. According to a tweet from the project, Singapore happens to be a testing ground. With regard to all of this, the floor price of the Wassies by Wassies collection has witnessed an overall increase, to the tune of 20%, from the 24th of March onwards. 

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