NFTb and Binance NFT Collaboration

The demand for NFT assets began with Winkelmann’s “The First 5000 Days” grand auction for $69m. Today, the whole world is aware of the huge worth of NFTs. The users of NFTs are now putting forth more demands seeking higher access to liquidity. Content creators and artists are making more resource investments to generate NFTs of high worth and quality. To create a more prosperous and better ecosystem for NFT development, Binance NFT is entering into a strategic partnership with NFTb to enhance the liquidity access for the NFT users registered with the Binance Smart Chain. 

As a part of the partnership, a series of exclusive NFT assets titled “Degen Demons” shall be made available on both platforms. The series consists of 20,000 digital demons in the form of unique NFT assets created by Nael G of NFTb. Owning a Degen Demon grants the owner with exclusive access to rich benefits and perks in the metaverse. 

Cryptocurrency experts are of the opinion that NFTs are more advantageous than other asset classes. NFT assets are linked to the Blockchain that makes the ownership and authenticity of the NFT assets verifiable. It is easy to conduct NFT transactions at both NFTb and Binance. The difficulty lies in reselling valuable NFT assets that generally include precious artworks and rare gaming collectibles. The absence of liquidity in the NFT ecosystem poses a barrier for NFT owners and users who deal in high-value NFTs. It is this difficulty that the partnership seeks to redress by improving the liquidity access in the NFT ecosystem. 


The two platforms, Binance NFT and NFTb, have joined hands to launch the all-new feature that will allow the deposit and withdrawal of NFT assets by the users at the different platforms. This feature will provide NFT owners with the opportunity of accessing higher liquidity for conducting transactions in NFT assets of high value at both Binance NFT and NFTb.

Roxanne Williams

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