NFTBank Introduces Chainlink Node to Supply NFT Market Data From BAYC and Cryptopunks to DeFi Markets

NFTBank, an NFT portfolio management service, presented its first NFT market data available on-chain via the Chainlink Network.. Chainlink functions as vital blockchain middleware for current APIs to seamlessly and securely transmit data to on-chain applications as the industry’s top decentralized oracle network. NFTBank can now deliver market data for key NFT projects like CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) straight on-chain for quick use within DeFi and other smart contract applications by employing Chainlink oracles.

Developers may now leverage NFTBank’s CryptoPunks and BAYC data to power a variety of smart contract use cases that rely on an aggregation of NFT market data sources, such as leveraging NFT collections in the form of collateral to acquire DeFi loans or fractionalized NFT ownership.

Since Chainlink’s secure oracle technology is turning out to be industry standard for data providers, NFTBank chose Chainlink to transmit our data. NFTBank can quickly connect to a variety of prominent blockchains and layer-2 platforms using Chainlink and begin sharing its data to the broadest potential audience.

Leverage Chainlink comes with different features

  • Chainlink Management- Chainlink nodes are able to handle API keys and account logins, resulting in a smooth connection that allows Chainlink nodes to purchase NFTBank API subscriptions in the same way that traditional users do today.
  • Blockchain Agnostic- Chainlink is blockchain agnostic, which means that our data may be accessed from a future blockchain environment.
  • Widely Adopted- Chainlink is the most commonly utilized oracle network, allowing reaching a massive market consisting of potential consumer data.

NFTBank acts as a complete portfolio management system for NFTs that attempts to make user NFT purchases and overall inventory value more visible. NFTBank aims to grow the NFT ecosystem in the long run by delivering high-quality tools that uncover high-potential use cases for NFTs.

About Chainlink

Chainlink is known to create, access, and sell oracle services, which are required to run hybrid smart contracts on any blockchain. Smart contracts may connect with the available external API and use safe off-chain computations to enable feature-rich apps thanks to Chainlink oracle networks. Chainlink presently secures billions of dollars across DeFi, gaming, and other important industries and provides a universal gateway to all blockchains to global organizations and prominent data suppliers.

About NFTBank

NFTBank is a finely conceptualized NFT portfolio management service helping to improve visibility to NFT portfolios through blockchains and wallets. NFTBank gets power from its in-house price prediction using historical sales data and complete NFT metadata.

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