NFTmall Announces Strategic Partnership with Pandora Protocol

NFTmall published a blog post to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Pandora Protocol. Their strategic partnership is expected to benefit the user base of both platforms.

Through this partnership, NFTmall will be able to curate non-fungible tokens and tokenize real-world assets into non-fungible tokens.


Pandora is a platform that enables the trading of real-world assets via non-fungible tokens. It is currently looking to build Pandora protocol, a middle layer, on top of its pre-existing blockchain technology.

The additional layer will take the platform globally. Users from any part of the world will be able to trade their favorite non-fungible tokens after the middle layer tokenizes a real-world asset into a non-fungible token.

NFTmall is an artist-dedicated platform. It allows them to produce and display their skills to the users. Often described as a multi-standard and multi-chain NFT platform, it eliminates the interference of a third party to allow artists to earn incentives.

It also entertains collectors and affiliates by allowing them to have fun while earning. NFTmall functions on native governance, and it has been tagged as a community on various occasions.

NFTmall x Pandora Protocol

The strategic partnership has been announced by NFTmall through an official blog post. The terms extend to Pandora finance and Pandora Express.

NFTmall’s strategic partnership with Pandora Protocols will allow NFTmall to leverage the already existing API of Pandora Protocol for indexing the listed non-fungible tokens.

Every non-fungible token of NFTmall will be curated on a single dashboard of Pandora.

This helps the users of both platforms as they will get broader access to the collection of non-fungible tokens. They will be able to speculate the price of a non-fungible token as well. Users will only have to visit the dashboard of Pandora to speculate the prices.

Additionally, all the non-fungible tokens of NFTmall will now directly get listed on the dashboard of Pandora Protocol. This will enable the users to instantly trade their favorite non-fungible tokens while also fetching the interesting non-fungible tokens from the ecosystem of NFTmall.

NFTmall greatly benefits from the strategic partnership with Pandora Protocol. The platform can now tokenize any real-world asset in the form of an NFT.

The speculation mechanism of Pandora Protocol will resolve the issue of liquidity to NFTs ratio. The marketplace has, for a long time, been facing the issue of an imbalance between the number of non-fungible tokens and the availability of liquidity.

With the strategic partnership in place, the number of NFTs will no longer outweigh the availability of liquidity.

Pandora is known for the accuracy of the information upon every interaction with the protocol. This is also something that NFTmall looks to leverage.

MD Rakib Ahamed, the Chief Executive Officer of NFTmall, called the Pandora Protocol a clever project. He added that NFTmall was delighted to join forces and integrate their NFT data infrastructure with Pandora.

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