NFTrade Announces Partnership with Heroes Chained

NFTrade recently entered a strategic partnership with Heroes Chained, a popular fantasy action RPG. As Avalanche’s biggest marketplace, the partnership will propose equal benefits for both parties.

The collaboration will see Heroes Chained users gaining optimal liquidity while NFTrade will provide support for emerging projects. At the same time, NFTrade will become the official secondary marketplace for Heroes Chained after the partnership.

It will allow them to provide a verified collection page for users to securely purchase, sell, and peer-to-peer trade via its non-custodial and decentralized marketplace. Any Heroes Chained user or interested customer can access these NFTs for trading, facilitating a seamless transactional passage.

In addition, the partnership will allow NFTrade to entertain the possibility of a $HEC NFT farm. The farm will help HEC token holders to stake native tokens and earn utility-based NFTs and collectibles from the Heroes Chained network. 

Needless to say that both ventures showed immense delight regarding the partnership since it will certainly boost their progress. As a decentralized blockchain-centric, multichain NFT platform, NFTrade has established a unique market status.

It helps NFTs throughout its integrated chains by hosting their lifecycle, allowing users to buy, create, sell, farm, leverage, and swap NFTs across multiple blockchain networks. On the other hand, Heroes Chained stands as the largest Avalanche marketplace. The blockchain-based fantasy RPG allows players to gather heroes and become a Guild Master.

The Heroes Chained metaverse possesses a number of PvP and PvE gameplay opportunities. It allows users to play and earn to reclaim the throne of Ventuna from the Dark Lord Oblivion. The game features several renowned professionals in the art and animation, music composition, gameplay, and blockchain department, making it an all-around masterpiece for players.

Scott Cook

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