Nickelodeon’s 12 New NFTs Go To OpenSea, Dropping Soon!

OpenSea has secured twelve NFTs created by Nickelodeon in partnership with Recur. These are unique non-fungible tokens designed to act as companions to the official Rugrats and Hey Arnold.

The NFT set is scheduled to drop on July 19, 2022. This will officially mark the entry of everyone’s childhood memories into Web3.

Non-fungible tokens are turning out to be a great way to not just connect with audiences but also to stay relevant despite the target audience losing touch with the trend. Nickelodeon NFTs prove the statement.

Recur is a portal to metaverse that is open for everyone to sign up by visiting the website. The goal is to make NFTs accessible to everyone, including fans and brands. Recur comes into the picture for all integrations as it is known for building user experiences.

Users who register on the platform get a door opened to several advantages. To start with, users can buy and sell on the platform using any payment method. Cryptocurrencies have been integrated with traditional payment methods like Credit Card, Debit Card, GooglePay, and ApplePay.

Recur’s team has experience in powering the platform for reputed and the world’s largest brands. Those who register can mint an NFT for free without paying the gas fee, highlighting the emphasis on being environmentally friendly.

Recur’s other projects are Star Trek Continuum, Paramount, Hello Kitty & Friends, Nickelodeon, Care Bears, NFTU, etc. OpenSea is an NFT marketplace that facilitates buying and selling of digital artwork. It is open to everyone. OpenSea was founded in 2017. A total of 200+ employees have been added to the team. These members ensure that the functions are being processed smoothly.

At least 2 million NFT collections are listed on the platform, and an average of $20 billion and above volume has been performed.

OpenSea is backed by partners like Coinbase, Trust Wallet, and Founders Fund. Digital items are in demand despite their prices taking regular hits in the last few days. NFTs and virtual currencies are leading the way into Web3, which is being designed to be completely decentralized, handing over the ownership of data and other elements to their respective users.

Besides buying and selling, users can discover their favorite NFTs on OpenSea to trade with others or add them to their collection.

NFT experience is yet to become better. Recur is already working in the direction of building on-chain NFT experiences. Recur is currently powering Nickelodeon with probable others lined up for the future.

The current Nickelodeon NFT drop will happen in the next six days, and users will be at liberty to respond to the collection and return to their childhood. A set of announcements is being published on the official Twitter handles; however, it is recommended to follow the involved partners on their other social media accounts.

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