Nifty League to select its Raffle winners via Chainlink VRF

Nifty League has published an official blog post to announce the integration with Chainlink VRF. This enables the Web3 gaming platform to fairly determine the winners of the Raffle. 

The integration has been executed on the Ethereum mainnet, giving Nifty League access to a source of randomness that is tamper-proof and auditable. Meaning users will be able to determine the source of how users were selected via randomness. Partnerships like this boost the NFT games as it provides access to a tamper-free platform.

Nifty League sports some of the most popular non-fungible tokens. These include RUGMAN, SATOSHI, DEGENS, and HYDRAS. All of them will be up for grabs in the Mega Raffle, whose tickets can be bought for 1000 NFTL. Every NFTL that is utilized in buying the ticket will later be burned. A hundred raffle tickets are up for grabs at no cost for Citadel key holders.

Chainlink is a Web3 services platform that backs huge volumes of transitions in gaming, insurance, and DeFi, among other sectors. Chainlink helps developers in building applications that dedicatedly operate in Web3 with worldwide access to everyone. Nifty League is where collectors of NFT and gamers of Web3 visit when they seek to engage with exciting games.

Chainlink VRF brings a lot to the table in this partnership. It is backed by the oracle network that has been time-tested to function in every possible scenario. Next, the offerings of Chainlink VRF are based on cutting-edge academic research.

Provided the partnership goes well, Nifty League has plans to further integrate Chainlink VRF into the gaming segment through 0xCord, the infrastructure platform that is based on Web3. The aim is to create outcomes that cannot be predicted inside the game.

Chainlink VRF works in a fairly simple manner. It first combines the block data that is not known when the request is made to generate a random number and a cryptographic proof with the pre-committed private key. Next, Nifty League comes into the picture to accept the random number input provided it has valid cryptographic proof that is generated if the process has not been tampered with.

This only goes on to display the commitment and bring proof that the outcome was random, with no tampering whatsoever by outside entities or the Nifty League team members. The fact that they guarantee auditable fairness to users brings the much-needed assurance to avoid any conflict that may happen.

Andrew Mahoney-Fernandes, the Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of Nifty League, has talked about the partnership by saying that the integration enables them to exemplify the values of Web3 – transparency and decentralization – thereby helping them to increase integrity while choosing the winner of Raffle.

Andrew has also shed some light on raffle prizes having real-world value by citing that they are coveted by the community. Hence, making it is important for Nifty League to choose the winner by leveraging the true potential of the industry-standard verifiable RNG.

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