Nifty Royale Integrates Chainlink Keepers for NFT-based Game

To provide reliable and automated giving services to its users, Nifty Royale has announced its partnership with Chainlink. According to the agreement, Chainlink Keepers will be integrated by the Nifty Royals for its battle royale game based on non-fungible tokens. This integration will trigger the functionality of eliminating the players after a predetermined time period set by the developers.

The reason behind the selection of Chainlink Keepers is quite clear, as the technology has carved a place for itself owing to its distinctive capabilities and competent operational procedures. The Chainlink platform is well-known for its repeated competence to provide maximum uptime. By offering the same capability to Nifty Royale, this partnership will change the way the NFT-based gaming industry operates.

The basic concept behind the Nifty Royale is to provide innovative ways for the creators to promote their artistic works through the NFT channel. Anyone who wishes to buy a creator’s unique artwork can enter into the system at specifically mentioned times, called drop times. The game’s highlight is its elimination procedure, where NFTs are eliminated one by one with only one NFT remaining at the end of the procedure.

The last remaining NFT is then upgraded through the system and occupies a unique position owing to its innovative features and creativity. According to the sources, the mainnet of battle royale is set to release on June 30 on the Ethereum platform.

It will be interesting to witness how gamers will react to the latest integration and the upcoming launch of the mainnet. This association will help both stakeholders involved in this collaboration by expanding their respective influence among target audiences. It will also positively impact the fledgling NFT domain, which is increasingly becoming an attractive avenue of growth and investment among investors and enthusiasts.

Trevor Holman

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