Nirvana Sports and TNB Collaborate to Launch “Sports Time Bank”


In the pursuit of a high-speed combination of blockchain technology with diversified industries, the TNB time-value transmission network and Nirvana Sports have officially reached strategic collaboration regarding technological blockchain development and the fantasy of sports power.

As one of the first entity industries to associate with the “Sports Time Bank,” Nirvana Sports will use the blockchain as the hidden technology to make a benchmark for the entire fitness industry. Moreover, Nirvana understands the time of digital management from the fitness sector, trainers, and demand side of scientific fitness.

Besides, it tends to be anticipated that under the strong demand of clients from various industries to accomplish multi-dimensional coverage, the incredible step of strategic cooperation among TNB and Nirvana sports will undoubtedly drive the fitness industry market to “new star era.”

Senior consultant to TNB, the Chairman of Nirvana Sports, and the founder of the Champion VC Foundation Xiaowu Ji said,

TNB uses blockchain technology to explore the innovation of digital real economy model, and has formed a set of commercial application governance system based on “blockchain time”, which can solve the traditional heavy asset attribute and the high operating cost and single profit model, so as to achieve the effective supply and demand connect in the fitness industry, and provide strong support for continuous transformation between new and old energy. 

Moreover, Nirvana Sports would work with its three leading brand stores called Nirvana Yoga, Nirvana Fitness, and Nirvana Boutique, and also with the entire fitness industry to complete offline and online integration.

As a notable brand in the fitness industry, Nirvana Sports was established in 2001, as one of the high-end business clubs in China. Simultaneously, it is also one of the first five-star fitness centers in China, a promoter of the “National Fitness” campaign.

Chairman of Nirvana Sports and founder of the Champion VC Foundation, Guangming Bian, have worked with his two leading brands, Nirvana Yoga and Nirvana Fitness said,

The “Sports Time Bank” belongs to the co-operation between the traditional real economy and the innovation blockchain ecology, and it responds to the relevant policies of using blockchain technology to explore the innovation. It further provides a diversified blockchain service for the effective connecting of supply and demand in the sports and fitness industry and gives strong support for promoting the high-quality development of the real economy. As one of the earliest entity industries to join the “Sports Time Bank,” Nirvana Sports will take the blockchain as the underlying technology to create a benchmark for the whole fitness scene, realizing the time digital management under the fitness venues, trainers and scientific fitness demand-side.

Xiaowu Ji has planned to utilize the “Sports Time Bank” as a starting point to combine blockchain innovation with fitness exercise, by covering the course reservation of fitness trainers, the venue assets allocation, and the sporting gear. It might turn out to be increasingly accurate and intelligent under the support of big data.

In the process of developing the national fitness development and a new model of sports utilization, the “Sports Time Bank” backed by information technology can be viewed as an innovative transformation for the entire fitness Industry.

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