Nissan steers into Metaverse and NFT by filing 4 new trademarks

Nissan happened to have filed three separate trademark applications, one for INFINITY, one for NISMO, and the third for NISSAN. This signifies the fact that the entity has plans to deliver virtual goods, which will include clothing, headgear, trading cards, as well as toys. There will also be tickets, along with cars, in the offing. There also happens to be plans afoot for the launching of a virtual store, as well as an NFT marketplace.

Metaverse advertising will also be included and will be related to online videos, images, as well as artwork. There will also be the additional matters of tickets, audio, and sounds, along with the music. The source of all of this information happened to have come from the tweet posted by the U.S. Trademark and Intellectual Property lawyer, Michael Kondoudis. 

Following the carrying out of filing for fresh trademark applications, the gigantic Japanese car manufacturer went ahead with its launching of a metaverse-oriented test project going by the name of Nissan Hype Hub. This happens to be a virtual store wherein it will be made possible to carry out conventional ways of purchasing cars within virtual arenas. This comes after similar ventures initiated by Fiat and KIA motors which incorporated ChatGPT. 

Nissan Hype Lab, on its own part, happens to be providing the same amount of backing. A user will be in the position of traversing around the lab with the establishment of their very own avatar’s face, as well as physique and clothes, and other details. Entry can be made into the website either through a PC or a smartphone. There will also be the provision of a virtual assistant for overall guidance purposes.  


As of date, Nissan happens to be one of the many car manufacturers who have filed for trademarks related to Web3 products. The precedent was set by General Motors and Ford, along with Mercedes Benz, which happened to have filed for trademarks related to NFTs. All of this seems to be speaking volumes about the sheer presence of the metaverse, which is here to stay and only grow.     

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