Nitrogen, a public Arbitrum Orbit testnet using Celestia is Live

Nitrogen, a public Arbitrum testnet using Celestia as a modular DA, recently went live. The public testnet is the fruition of the collaboration between Celestia, AltLayer, and Arbitrum.

In a recent tweet, AltLayer announced the release of the testnet. The tweet read that Nitrogen is employing Celestia Blobstream and Arbitrum Nitro fraud proofs to integrate with Arbitrum Sepolia.

The platform is leveraging Celestia to enable developers to deploy orbit chains, such as smart contracts, with minimal overhead and setup time. Nitrogen utilizes Blobstream, which relays commitments across the Celestia data root.

The commitments are then relayed to an on-chain light client over Arbitrum and Ethereum. This makes the call data expenses almost negligible. AltLayer also talked about Nitrogen’s special feature, the Ethereum fallback mechanism.

In case there is downtime on the network, Layer 2s and Layer 3s can fall back on Ethereum call data for DA. It guarantees the funds’ security while giving users peace of mind. 

AltLayer ended the tweet by thanking Automata Network for the faucet assistance. Moreover, the platform expressed delight in working with Celestia.


The network also linked a step-by-step guide to help users start with the Nitrogen testnet. Here are the steps:

  1. Users can get started by adding the network to their wallets from the Rollup Info Page.
  2. The next step is to reach the Public Faucet and get Nitrogen Testnet ETH to use the network.
  3. In case users want to bridge a personal Testnet ETH to the Nitrogen testnet, they can do so from the Arbitrum bridge interface. Turn on the Testnet Mode from Settings.
  4. After Testnet Mode is active, users can copy the Nitrogen Testnet Orbit Chain data and click on Add Testnet Orbit Chain.
  5. In the next step, users should bridge the Sepolia Testnet ETH to the Arbitrum Sepolia testnet.
  6. It will take a minute to bridge the Arbitrum Sepolia Testnet ETH to the Nitrogen Testnet. 
  7. After that is done, users can start using the Nitrogen Testnet ETH on the testnet. 

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