NodeReal collaborates with Cocos Blockchain Expedition

Cocos Blockchain Expedition and NodeReal will work together to build the first game-centric optimistic rollup on the BNB Chain. NodeReal, a blockchain infrastructure provider supporting BNBChain, took to Twitter to announce its strategic partnership with Cocos-BCX, a scaling solution provider for developing Web3 games, aiming to empower game developers across 203 nations. 

This partnership aims to empower over 1.6 million Cocos developers in the 2D/3D gaming sector, AI, Metaverse, and Extended Reality, as well as make it accessible to over 1.6 billion users. As stated by the platform, the initial game rollup chain would utilize the Layer 2 Optimism stack to accomplish: 

  • Convenient toolkits for developers, along with social login or recovery, an Integrated Development Environment, low gas fees, high-performance targets up to 10K TPS, and built-in NFT toolkits.
  • Modular frameworks based on the OP stack will make sure that settlements, data availability, and execution can be scaled up in the future.
  • Verifiable Random Function (VRF).
  • Integration with high-performance decentralization and storage solutions such as Arweave, BNB Greenfield, Storj, and Arweave.

The majority of crypto games use blockchain technology for secure crypto payments. However, the developers of blockchain games faced challenges like limited game development tools, high transaction costs, and low throughput. Cocos-BCX would handle these difficulties by providing a robust and efficient solution.

Bob Co, a partner at Cocos BCX, said that they are excited to work with NodeReal because the combination of NodeReal’s blockchain technology and Cocos-gaming BCX’s knowledge of the industry would make Web3 games more popular.


Moreover, the Co-founder and COO of NodeReal, Dr. Xiao-guang (Ben) Zhang, stated that the partnership of the duo would help create the next generation of core technology tools. It would also bring creative global solutions, supporting mass adoption and success in the Web3 ecosystem. 

Trevor Holman

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