Northern Bitcoin to Set Foot in the Market with Its Latest Mining Container

Northern Bitcoin AG has come up with the latest mining container which opens the doors to additional expansion possibilities. According to the official press release dated September 9, 2019, the company has successfully finished testing the upcoming mining container that comes with the air-cooling functionality. The firm has tested the new container at its Frankfurt-Höchst based test location.

The new mining container exhibits innovative design and functions. The company says they have built it specifically for outdoor operations. The twenty-foot container has as many as 144 ASIC miners installed. Moreover, it is constructed in a tailor-made manner.

The outside cold air is ingested as well as filtered through the outer wall-mounted layers and steered through the mining container. As the air passes by the container’s mining hardware, it becomes possible to cool off the container. The container vents the warm air via the opposite wall. Moreover, there are temperature sensors to control the fans’ performance as well. As highlighted in the release, the firm has built and taken this concept to the market in association with the firm’s German partners.

As this upcoming solution by the Northern Bitcoin is mobile and air-cooled, the company is setting up remote sites in the world’s permanent cool regions where it is easy to avail abundant, sustainable energy at very low cost. For instance, hydropower. It is vital to note that now the company has 2 mobile container solutions practically for any site in the Nordic nations. It also includes water-cooled containers which have been in use for more than a year in Norway.

On this new development, Northern Bitcoin’s CTO, Moritz Jäger, said that their new container with air-cool technology is optimized for cool locales, all round the year. With this latest variant, they are set to establish their new Bitcoin mining sites in Scandinavia. Similar to the water-cooled mining container, the air-cooled one is mobile as well. That enables them to consider all site options flexibly for running highly efficient BTC mining at short-term notice, added Jäger.


As noted in the press release, Northern Bitcoin presently operates around 21 water-cooled containers which are 40-foot long. Each container has 210 ASIC miners. On the other hand, their latest 20-foot air-cooled container exhibits an increased miner density than the water-cooled ones, thanks to its design. The company intends to become the leading company in the world that offers sustainable mining of Bitcoin.

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