Notifi SDK Web3 Communication SDK Joins Solana SPL

Even though the crypto space is getting more sophisticated every day, it still depends on web2 platforms to enable several features. The most important of them is communication, and it is evident that Twitter, Discord, and Reddit occupy this area predominantly. However, they are neither programmable nor adhere to the tenets of web3 and decentralization. Notifi Software Development Kit, developed to cement this gap, has officially launched with Solana SPL.

Notifi SDK is the first communication infrastructure tool developed natively on web3. This tool helps developers build the essential communication infrastructure in their DeFi projects. The tool allows projects to develop and customize the APIs and use them for multi-channel communication. Currently, the use cases of Notifi include DAO proposals, DeFi trading, and NFT airdrops. The dApps can use multiple channels, including SMS, email, Telegram bots, and Twitter direct messages, to communicate with the users.

The communication tool has already been in great demand following its launch. The reason for the popularity owes much to the integration with Solana SPL. With Solana’s governance protocol onboard, accessing the real-time notification features of Notifi for DAOs can be done through the Realms UI. Despite growing popularity, even popular communities like MonkeDAO post a lower voter participation. The lack of participation could jeopardize the very spirit of decentralization in these DAOs. Notifi intends to eliminate unwanted noises during communication with a simple and plain notification interface. Solana’s governance protocol and Realms UI would be the keys to Notifi SDK achieving this end.

Solana is currently one of the fastest-growing blockchain networks in the crypto space. Solana SDK is an off-chain governance protocol that re-exports Solana programs. The re-export helps bring more APIs to the users and helps non-native programs explore these features. On the other hand, Realms UI is developed to help DAOs have a consolidated environment to carry out their proposals and voting.

In the words of Sebastian Bor, Software Engineer at Solana Labs, the SPL Governance and Reas were specifically to help achieve self-governance through DAOs. But this would be unachievable without effective communication among community members. So, he believes that the Notifi integration would be a great step in the Solana SPL, and it brought them a step closer to achieving their intended results with their project. Notifi will significantly bring down the cost and energy spent on building communication infrastructures in DAOs. Furthermore, it is customizable and compatible with popular communication channels for accessibility.

Only last month, Notifi accumulated funding of over $2.5 million from Race Capitals and Hashed. Now, the web3 messenger takes the next step with Solana.

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