Novatar: The Modern Avatars Collections!

There is a huge market gap for NFT avatars supply today. The Novatar project appears to be in the best place at the best time, offering technologically diverse, modern, advanced, and a plethora of avatars collections.

What is ‘The Story’?

Novatar is a technologically advanced project with a limited collection of 25,000 baby avatars that grow on the blockchain. Novatar imitates the actual human life-cycle on the blockchain, and it is the only project with aging technology. The moment an owner ages, the baby avatar acquires more genes, keeping intact its basic genes. 

The owners of Novatar have an opportunity to age their baby avatars 30 days after the reveal. The aging process cannot be reversed and triggered by the owner only. 

The Inception

The Novatar project is the only project in the market that duplicates human’s natural physiological changes on the blockchain. Novatars come with various optional and basic genes, but the collection of these genes differs based on the avatar’s age. 

Like various other genes, Novatars also have a gene that decides their sexual orientation and professions.

  • All 25,000 Novatars are newborn babies.
  • It is the only art collection with each NFT containing aging technology.
  • The illustrations of Novatars are generated through AI.
  • The Novatar owners decide whether the Novatars will age or not. 
  • Novatars have several basic genes. According to the NFT’s age, the genes collection will differ. Each baby Novatar has nine basic genes, while for adults, it is up to 14. For adult Novatars, ten genes are basic, while four are optional.
  • The “profession gene will not appear in 88% of cases.
  • Novatars can be used as an NFT digital identity for social media channels and metaverses.

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Is Novatar Addressing A Sizeable Market?

According to Reuters, the NFT sales have witnessed a huge hit in 2021 with $25 billion – over 26,000% growth from 2020. This growth resulted from a growing interest in the NFT technology, the potential witnessed by the community and its usability. The NFT sales are most likely to touch new heights and is estimated to be a market of $80 billion by the end of 2022.

With Facebook (or let’s say Meta), Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter entering the NFT sector with their respective NFT as a profile picture functionality, it creates a massive wave of NFT growth. 

The developments in the NFT and the social media movements towards the inclusion of NFT, which Twitter heads, prove the importance of Novatars emerging to be exposed as verified profile pictures on different social networks. The demand for NFT avatars is expanding, and it is here to thrive and evolve in features and utility.

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