Novatti successfully launches its stablecoin AUDD

Novatti successfully launches its very own created stablecoin, AUDD, with the aim and intention of effectively addressing the increasing requirement of a suitable and appropriate digital-based currency for utilizing in the case of blockchain-oriented applications. 

Presently, there is also the need in the case of making purchases. This scenario is making it the need of the hour for all of the companies offering digital-based tokens to up the ante. In last June, Novatti announced the availability of $AUDC on multiple blockchain networks, including XRP Ledger, courtesy of its partnership with Ripple and Stellar.

There is an urgent requirement for these tokens to be properly supervised and possess complete clarity in all respects. The demand for them is also to be easily obtainable and have a far greater reach than what is in the current situation. Furthermore, they are needed to be positioned on all of the prime commercial blockchains. 

It then became inevitable for Novatti to enter the picture frame. The entity has been successful in making its mark in the industry and has been occupied in functioning at the crossroads of both decentralized, as well as conventional finance. It then was the obvious choice as it possessed the required expertise to create and offer the exactly desired cost-saving digitally-based transaction technology in the case of its varied customers. 

There is also the aspect of it being absolutely safe and secure. Thus, the stablecoin AUDD was delivered from their stable. It has been created to make it completely absorbable into the present international payments network. Additionally, it is capable of operating on a wide variety of blockchains. All of this was necessitated by the need for the stablecoin AUDD to operate properly and proactively within the payment ecosystem.

AUDD is compatible with our other software products, such as Consumer Digital Wallets, Branchless Banking, Mobile Money, Bill Payments, Remittance Services, and Voucher Management Systems, which the company offers to clients in Australia, the United States, Canada, and the rest of the world. Novatti has had substantial interactions with AUSTRAC, APRA, and ASIC for regulatory purposes, and it intends to comply with all of the payment service provider regulations that are now in the process.

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