Now live: Y00ts cross-chain bridge to Ethereum

Y00ts has announced that it has finally launched the bridge from Polygon to Ethereum. Users have until October 22, 2023, to complete the migration process. It can take up to an hour due to traffic. Hence, users may want to be quick in initiating the migration process. Y00ts is covering the gas fees for the first day. Moreover, users who complete the migration process in the first 24 hours will stand a chance to receive y00ts. The team has said that it will randomly distribute 10 y00ts to wallets.

Anyone who migrates their y00ts after the deadline, which is October 22, 2023, will face a royalty fee of 33.3% on Polygon. It has been termed the Paper Hand Bridge Tax.

The cross-chain NFT standard of Wormhole powers the migration process. The link to the bridge is available at Phantom Shortcuts. Y00ts only have to be held in the wallet; they are not to be staked on ETH. More updates are expected to be announced by Y00ts in the coming days.

As for the process, it involves the validation of bridge transactions on Polygon. This will happen only after it has settled on the Ethereum Mainnet. Users can mint NFTs after they have completed the migration process.

The community has responded with mixed reactions. Some of them hope for a smooth process, while others have expressed their confidence, saying there should not be any problem. Many members have appreciated the efforts of Y00ts in being able to draw the update in just a single week without any delay.

Y00ts has launched the bridge from Polygon to Ethereum, covering gas fees for the first day. Users have until October 22, 2023, to complete the migration process. After the deadline, a royalty fee of 33.3% will be applied. Users can win y00ts if they complete the migration within the first 24 hours.

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