Now Merchants Can Accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Through BCH Merchant Application

The adoption of digital currencies is growing with each passing day. From giant companies to small retail stores, cryptocurrency is being looked upon as a great payment option. In one such fascinating development, merchants will now be able to accept BCH or Bitcoin Cash easily through a dedicated mobile application called Bitcoin Cash Register.

Bitcoin Cash Register is a simple and free Point of Sale mobile application designed for merchants. The application allows them to accept payments in Bitcoin Cash at all the retail locations seamlessly. In order to begin receiving the BCH payments, merchants just need to provide their extended public key or a public key that is linked to their digital currency wallet. As there is no need to register or open an account on the application explicitly, the app setup becomes significantly easier.

At present, the application is available for download on Google Play and runs smoothly on a range of Android devices (with Android version 5.0 and up). The iOS version of the app is said to be launching soon.

The BCH Merchant app offers a QR code-enabled payment mechanism which is compatible with all kinds of Bitcoin Cash wallets. The application asks permission to access your camera (for QR code scans), view the network connections, complete network access as well as control the Near Field Communication.

What’s more is, the BCH Register App displays the amount in local currency to make things easier for both the merchants and customers. Apart from that, the app extends support to more than 150 fiat money, increasing the reach and appeal of the app to a great extent. With the mechanism of Bitcoin Cash, the transactions are not only faster but also secure at the same time.

Keeping the convenience of the merchants and consumers in mind, the developers have designed the app in such a way that the previous transaction history is stored safely on the device through encryption.

On top of this, the application is thoroughly employee-friendly as all the settings of the BCH Register App can be accessible solely via PIN code.

What also adds to the app’s list of plus points is low customer fee. As per official the announcement, the fees paid by consumers per payment is lower than one cent. In fact, this fee is even independent of the amount payable.

Bitcoin Cash, one of the most popular digital currencies, currently sits at the 4th position on CoinMarketCap. With the launch of this merchant app, the crypto enthusiasts would get another secure payment option while businesses will benefit from crypto’s simpler, faster and safer ways of handling transactions.

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