Now Use Any ERC-20 Wallet to Make CRO Payments

The utility of the cryptocurrency payments is increasing with each passing day. Masses have started adopting digital currencies. The recent development in which has announced that its payment solution for the online transactions, the Pay will support payment made from any of the ERC-20 wallets, is sure to infuse fresh impetus to the adoption of cryptocurrency globally. By expanding its service to include all the forms of the ERC-20 wallets, the company has indeed enhanced the convenience factor for customers who can now pay the merchants using the wallet of their choice.

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According to an estimate, there are more than 30 million ERC-20 wallets in the global cryptocurrency industry, and this announcement will attract the attention of the people using digital currency for payments. This will also help the merchants attract a broad set of customers to their fold who can use their existing wallets to pay for the products and services.

Hailing this as a game-changer for the industry, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of, Kris Marszalek, said that this is going to give a boost to the utility of the CRO. Customers can now make a payment using any of their ERC-20 wallets, and all the stakeholders involved in the ecosystem are expected to benefit from this new convenience.

Similar sentiments were expressed by the Vice President of Marketing at Ledger, Benoît Pellevoizin. According to the Ledger’s top executive, their partnership with in the form of providing support for the CRO tokens on its Ledger Live will help the cryptocurrency industry increase its adoption among the masses.

The Chief Technology Officer of BC Vault, Alen Salamun, also welcomed this new development and described it as a step towards mass adoption of cryptocurrency in the globe. Additionally, BC Vault supports ERC-20 tokens, and now with this new facility, the company is expected to boost its business. Words of appreciation also came from the Co-Founder and COO of, Steve Hipwell, describing this new convenience as one of the effective ways to enhance the utility of digital currencies among the masses.



It is important to note that by bringing more options and convenience to customers, the cryptocurrency industry can definitely expand its user base. One of the stumbling blocks in the cryptocurrency’s mass adoption is the narrow choices or lack of options available in the domain. Stakeholders operating in the cryptocurrency and blockchain domain are realizing that only by making the processes simple and convenient, digital currencies will be able to compete against the Fiat currencies. This new convenience offered by the CRO token is a right step in the right direction that has the potential to enhance the adoption of digital currencies among the masses.

Trushti Patel

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