Absolutely Free Ripple (XRP) Pay-Ins, Pay-Outs And Much More On Nowpayments

Yes, you heard it right. NOWPayments has started to allow XRP pay-ins and pay-outs. The company announced this news yesterday on their official Twitter handle.

XRP has been added to the already versatile payment cryptos’ list that included Bitcoin BTC, Litecoin LTC, Ethereum ETH, as well as a good range of Stablecoins. The company is maintaining its zero-fee rule for XRP too. When a user makes or receives any payments on the platform, the funds are immediately transferred without any lag to the personal wallet of the user. The fact that the funds are transferred directly to the personal wallets ensures thorough security. As per the company, they offer ‘completely custody-free service.’ The access to these wallets is permitted only and only to the user. Other features that the user can find on this platform include easy to understand API, fully regulated services, effective integration, quick withdrawals, automatic conversion of coins, and for any other kind of service, the company offers 24/7 customer support.


About NOWPayments:

The payment solution- NOWPayments was launched on 24th April this year by a crypto exchange service- ChangeNOW. This platform was launched seeing the ever-increasing demands of the crypto payment system for a versatile service provider that can help businesses to develop with the help of features such as quick crypto coin conversion, a good breadth of crypto coins support, native stable coins and so on. The ‘zero-fee’ feature makes this platform even more desirable and gives good competition to its competitors.

More on XRP:

XRP’s price is trying quite hard to hit off the bullish trend.  As of yesterday, the crypto went as low as $0.3000 against the U.S Dollars. There are predictions that the crypto may go lower up till 0.2940 U.S. Dollars.

On the other hand, a few days ago, Ripple welcomed Yoshitaka Kitao, a new director to its company. As of now, Kitao is the president, CEO, and representative director of SBI Holdings. On this, the executive chairman and the co-founder of Ripple- Chris Larsen had the following to share-

Approximately half of our customers are located in Asia-Pac today, and we are rapidly expanding our global footprint across the region. Mr. Kitao comes at a perfect time for Ripple as we look to deepen our customer base in Asia and beyond.

The two companies- Ripple and SBI have worked together previously too. They together launched SBI Ripple Asia three years ago.

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